New Tastes in Green Tea

Green tea has gone mainstream, as more and more people in the West are discovering its exquisite taste and myriad health benefits. It’s quickly catching up to coffee as the beverage of choice, and is being served and sold everwhere from Starbucks to Wal*Mart.

In New Tastes in Green Tea – now available in paperback -- tea expert Mutsuko Tokunaga offers readers everything they need to know to fully appreciate the many pleasures of this age-old and revered drink. She covers all the basics, including types of Japanese green tea, utensils, tips for making the perfect cup, the history of green tea, health benefits, household uses for green tea, even classic green tea labels. Special attention is paid to matcha (finely-powdered green tea, traditionally used in the formal tea ceremony), with a separate section on how to make and drink it, and the etiquette of drinking matcha.

The wide variety of recipes for drinks, as well as for both savory and sweet dishes, will delight any cook who’s looking to expand his/her repertoire. Readers will learn to make such mouthwatering treats as Green Tea Latte, Sencha with Vodka and Lime, Matcha Coconut Drink, Green Tea Gnocchi, Green Tea Pilaf Rolls, Chicken with Vegetables and Matcha Sauce, Matcha Scones, and Matcha Tiramisu. Beautiful four-color photos throughout enhance the lively text and showcase the attractive presentation of the food.