Am I Actually the Strongest?

To be reincarnated into another world with the promise of a "cheat" power is one thing...but to be reborn as a baby, and then left for dead after your royal parents think you're powerless?? That's another thing entirely! Now the newly-born Reinhart—or Hart to his new friends—must find his way through a dangerous world...but luckily he's got magic that's quite literally off the charts!

First Volume: Am I Actually the Strongest? 6

The real Haruto is here as Shiva to save Haruto Copy from Professor Tear's questions! But that is exactly what Tear is after… In order to capture Shiva, Tear activates...

cover for Am I Actually the Strongest?, 5

Most Recent Volume: Am I Actually the Strongest? 5

It took no time at all for a weird professor to get attached to Haruto just after he started school. But to make matters worse, when he accidentally insults a...