Chasing After Aoi Koshiba

A wistful yuri romance about the intense feelings of youth, and the perspective and regrets that adulthood can bring, for fans of manga like Bloom Into You and Orange. From the creator of Masamune-kun’s Revenge Hazuki Takeoka and acclaimed yuri artist Fly.

First Volume: Chasing After Aoi Koshiba, Volume 1

Sahoko had lots of friends in high school, so there’s no shortage of people to catch up with at her reunion. But the one face she wants to see is...

cover for Chasing After Aoi Koshiba, 2

Most Recent Volume: Chasing After Aoi Koshiba, Volume 2

Sahoko Narita is enjoying the perks of finally being one of the popular girls in high school. One summer day, however, she encounters the athletic and tomboyish Aoi Koshiba and...