Fairy Tail S

The world of Fairy Tail is too big to be contained by one manga! From the pen of Hiro Mashima, this two-volume series contains the lost tales of Fairy Tail, where wizards Natsu, Lucy, and Erza get into crazy situations, and your favorite supporting characters get a chance to shine. An onslaught of cute, funny, intense, and downright weird Fairy Tail stories, many never seen before!

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First Volume: Fairy Tail S, Volume 1

For the members of Fairy Tail, a guild member’s work is never done. While they may not always be away on missions, that doesn’t mean our magic-wielding heroes can rest...

Most Recent Volume: Fairy Tail S, Volume 2

Magical Mayhem -- The guild members of Fairy Tail, everyone’s favorite magic-wielding heroes, are back for another round of adventures–this time featuring even more mysteries, magic, and fun than ever...