Island in a Puddle

The new manga series from Kei Sanbe, the master of suspense behind Erased, plunges an innocent young boy into Tokyo’s criminal underworld, as he fights to keep his younger sister alive, and to return his soul to his own body!

Cover for Island in a Puddle, Volume 1

First Volume: Island in a Puddle, Volume 1

A CHILDHOOD IN THE UNDERWORLD Minato’s tiny apartment might as well be on a deserted island. Despite being in elementary school, it falls on his shoulders to care for his...

Most Recent Volume: Island in a Puddle, Volume 4

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Mistaken for Kuromatsu, a ruthless killer known in the underworld as “The Neck Breaker,” Minato finds himself caught between rival Yakuza factions and...