My Summer of You

A wistful summer blossoms between two high-school boys finding themselves and each other through a shared love of movies in this moving, dramatic, two-volume BL romance series, perfect for fans of Seven Days, Given, or I Hear the Sunspot.

First Volume: The Summer of You (My Summer of You Vol. 1)

Chiharu Saeki and Wataru Toda are two high school students who share a common hobby: They love to watch movies. After they meet, they become fast friends, until one day,...

cover for The Summer With You (My Summer of You Vol., 2)

Most Recent Volume: The Summer With You (My Summer of You Vol. 2)

SUMMER DAYS, SUMMER NIGHTS After graduating from high school, Chiharu returns to Tokyo to start university, and spend another summer with his now-boyfriend Wataru. The two boys might be busy...