Pretty Boy Detective Club

By Kinako and NISIOISIN

From the renowed author NISIOISIN, the creator of MONOGATARI, Zaregoto Series, and KATANAGATARI comes a new, innovative mystery series, Pretty Boy Detectives Club!

The Pretty Boy Detective Club, a mysterious organization that’s rumored to solve problems at Yubiwa Academy….

Manabu the Aesthete, lover of beauty
Michiru the Epicure, he of the beautiful palate
Hyota the Adonis, he of the beautiful legs
Nagahiro the Orato, he of the beautiful voice
Sosaku the Artiste, creator of beauty

To search for a star she glimpsed 10 years ago, second-year student Mayumi Dojima calls on these five Pretty Boys to help her solve the case! Which Pretty Boy is your favorite?

“I really have to give this book the highest marks I can… I could say buy this if you like Nisioisin or if you like mysteries or if you like amazing characters but I don’t think it’s for just any one type of person. Let me say, if you’re reading this review: This book is for you… As far as the translation goes, I think they nailed it… To put it frankly, out of all Nisioisin’s English releases, this is one of his top. To put it even simpler: It’s beautiful. Five Out of Five Beautiful Dark Shining Stars.” - No Good Nerds

“The translation reads well with no issues to note… There is plenty to like and, as always, the author delivers an engrossing story with witty dialogue and interesting characters. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of mysteries the Pretty Boy Detective Club tackle in the volumes to follow… Overall, Pretty Boy Detective Club offers another satisfying read for fans of NISIOISIN’s works.” - Anime UK News

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School LifeFiction & Literature

3 Volumes

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3 Volumes