Rent-A-(Really Shy!)-Girlfriend

The official spinoff manga of Rent-A-Girlfriend, the rom-com turned hit anime, features fan-favorite Sumi, the shy girl longing to come out of her shell. Written and illustrated by original creator Reiji Miyajima! Catch up on the manga before Rent-A-Girlfriend returns for a second anime season, coming soon!

Where to Read

First Volume: Rent-A-(Really Shy!)-Girlfriend 1

Sumi Sakurasawa is shy. Even simple things, like going for a donut with someone or calling out to a stranger that they've dropped something, paralyze her with fear. Her strategy?...

Most Recent Volume: Rent-A-(Really Shy!)-Girlfriend 3

AN UNEXPECTED CLIENT Spurred by Mizuhara and determined to make her dream come true, Sumi takes on another date...only to discover that her client is a child! And it's not...