Seven Shakespeares

Literary secrets come alive when Harold Sakuishi, creator of the all-time-classic rock 'n' roll manga BECK, tackles a different kind of legend: William Shakespeare.

He's said to be the greatest playwright and poet in history, the author of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth, but just who was William Shakespeare? Harold Sakuishi unlocks the secrets behind the writer you only thought you knew! Volume 1 comes in a special, 520-page 2-in-1 edition.

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First Volume: Seven Shakespeares, Volume 13

Having managed to gain an audience with Queen Elizabeth, the theater war resumes! The Admiral's Men, the number one playing company in London, have a cast of brilliant and dazzling...

Most Recent Volume: Seven Shakespeares, Volume 15

The final showdown of the theater war! Will they despair and die, or live and flourish?! This is the moment that decides everything! Their final show is the play Shakes...