Space Brothers

Two brothers looked to the starry skies as children and made a promise ... Now, in the year 2025, the younger brother, Hibito, is carrying his out. He is an astronaut who has been selected as a crew member for mankind's first long-term base on the moon. Meanwhile, the older brother, Mutta, has just been fired from his job and is unemployed, but decides to trust himself just one last time. A text message from Hibito sends him applying to be an astronaut too and shooting for the stars … The official Space Brothers manga is ready to launch!

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First Volume: Space Brothers 1

The year is 2025, the older brother decides to trust himself just one last time. It's the start of an adventure that aims for Mars via JAXA in the town...

Most Recent Volume: Space Brothers 42

In Space and on Earth, all things are connected. That is the feeling behind We Are Space Brothers. With that power in their hearts, Mutta and Hibito set off on...