The Dawn of the Witch (novel)

By Kakeru Kobashiri, Takashi Iwasaki and Yoshinori Shizuma

Five hundred years of conflict between witches and the Church has finally ended in an uneasy peace, but pockets of violent resentment linger throughout the land…

Saybil, the worst student in the short history of the Royal Academy of Magic of the Kingdom of Wenias, has no memory of his life before he enrolled. Nevertheless, Headmaster Albus sends him out into an unknown world, ordering him to take part in a special field training program in the South, where anti-witch sentiment still burns strong. Accompanying him are star pupil Hort; Kudo, the Academy’s only beastfallen student; and their unusual chaperone: Loux Krystas, the ancient Dawn Witch, whose only goal is to peruse the pages of the legendary Grimoire of Zero, source of all magic. But as they journey south, nothing will be what they expected…

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Rating: 13+
FantasyAction & AdventureIsekai
4 Volumes
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4 Volumes