The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon!

Chrono Alcon, a young demon, traveled from his small village to study at a prestigious school connected to the Demon King's Castle itself. Determined to keep his country-bumpkin status a secret, he tries to keep a low profile ... but when his groundbreaking performance in his first test attracts the attention of not only his (gorgeous) classmates, but the Demon King herself ... Chrono realizes his dreams of a "happy, normal school life" may die in the dungeons ... just like him!

First Volume: The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon! 1

MISUNDERSTOOD MEDIOCRITY MAYHEM! Now that he has reached 20 years of age, self-proclaimed mediocre demon Chrono Alkon is eager to begin his mandatory year of schooling in the Demon King’s...

cover for The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon!, 6

Most Recent Volume: The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon! 6

Chrono, a young jinn from the countryside, continues to explore the dungeons of the previous Demon Kings while taking classes at the Demon King’s castle. We’ve hit the climax of...