The Seven Deadly Sins (novel)

Set ten years before the beginning of Nakaba Suzuki's hit manga The Seven Deadly Sins, these light-novel sequels tell the origin stories of all the Sins, as told from the Holy Knights who were tasked to hunt them down.
The light novels also feature original cover art and illustrations by Seven Deadly Sins creator Nakaba Suzuki!

Where to Read

First Book: The Seven Deadly Sins : Seven Scars They Left Behind

The Seven Deadly Sins—a legendary order that once served the Kingdom of Liones as the mightiest of its Holy Knights—stand accused of treason and have fled the realm. Princess Margaret...

Most Recent Book: The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven-Colored Reflections

Shaking the wide plains of Britannia, known only to a select few, is the legendary travelling tavern the BOAR HAT. Gathered in this tavern are the equally legendary Seven Deadly...