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We’re proud to reveal all the amazing digital manga series debuts coming from Kodansha Comics in March 2021.

As a reminder, these new digital debuts as well as returning favorites will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors including Bookwalker, comiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and izneo.

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Araki Won’t Be Tamed
By Kapparappara

Yakko has always lived in the shadow of her model/actress younger sister, Yuno. So when she’s surprised on her 17th birthday by super-popular actor Araki Shigaraki, she assumes he’s looking for Yuno…until he declares his love for Yakko?! Not only that, he’d declared his love for her before…but now, as then, she doesn’t believe him! But he’s determined, and if she won’t see him as a boyfriend, maybe she’ll see him as a pet…?!

Release Date: March 2 // Available Digitally


Shaman King: Marcos 
Original Creator Hiroyuki Takei
Art by Jet Kusamura

? New Shaman King spin-of from same team as Shaman King: Red Crimson ?

What should be a bright future for the X-Laws is shadowed by the absence of Marco. Where could he have gone, and is something sinister behind it? Join the fan favorites in another Shaman King spinoff!

Release Date: March 9 // Available Digitally


Blue Lock  
Story by Muneyuki Kaneshiro
Art by Yusuke Nomura

? By the Story Creator of As The Gods Will: The Second Series ?

After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan’s team struggles to regroup. But what’s missing? An absolute Ace Striker, who can guide them to the win. The Football Association is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who can be the decisive instrument in turning around a losing match…and to do so, they’ve gathered 300 of Japan’s best and brightest youth players. Who will emerge to lead the team…and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?

Release Date: March 16 // Available Digitally


The Dawn of the Witch 
Story by Tatsuo
Art by Kakeru Kobashiri
Character Design by Takashi Iwasaki  

Cervil is a magic student with no memories of his life before he met a mysterious blond woman in an alley. Now he travels with his teacher, Ross—another student, Holt, and the beastman Coudeau for “special training”… but this field trip may not be as routine as it seems!

Release Date: March 23 // Available Digitally


Chasing After Aoi Koshiba
By FLY and Takeoka Hazuki

? All-new Yuri romance! ?

Sahoko had lots of friends in high school, so there’s no shortage of people to catch up with at her reunion. But the one face she wants to see is missing: that of Aoi Koshiba, her classmate and first love. A star of the basketball team, Aoi caught Sahoko’s eye as an easy way to score social points. But when Aoi quits the team, an unexpected kiss pulls Sahoko closer to her than she intended to be. With a difficult home situation, Aoi is in need of more than just a cynical social climber. She needs a true friend, and something more…

Release Date: March 23 // Available Digitally & in Print


She’s My Knight 
By Saisou

Haruma Ichinose, 17, has been popular since he was born. So popular, in fact, that he figured no one could even come close…until he met Yuki Mogami. She’s tall, cool, collected, and totally makes him crazy. He may just be in love…but can he deal with falling for someone even more dashing than himself?

Release Date: March 30 // Available Digitally


Those Snow White Notes 
By Marimo Ragawa

?  Anime to debut April 2021! ?

When Setsu’s grandfather died, so did Setsu’s “sound”—his unique creative spark. Grieving, he goes to Tokyo to find himself…but manages to become totally, literally lost on his first day. Only a chance meeting with Yuna—aka Yuka, the hostess—saves him from being robbed. At first glance their lives seem totally different, but they’re both striving for their dreams—hers, of being an actress, and his, of developing his talent with the shamisen—and it could just be that life in the raucous, unfeeling urban sprawl of Tokyo could just be what binds their fates together…

Release Date: March 30 // Available Digitally

Spring 2021 New Licensing Announcements for Kodansha Comics & VERTICAL

In case you didn’t catch these announcements during the Kodansha Live, today Wednesday June 17, Kodansha Comics and VERTICAL, announced some new licenses that are coming to our ever expanding library of manga in2021! We announced all-new additions as well as some familiar series that are getting the print treatment after starting out Digital-first! So, without further ado here’s a look at what’s to come for Kodansha Comics & VERTICAL:

Kodansha Live

Coming 2021 from Kodansha Comics 

Star⇄Crossed!! (Manga) by Junko
The latest madcap comedy from Junko, the creator of the hit geek girl romcom manga and anime Kiss Him, Not Me!

Azusa is a mega-fan of Prince 4 U, an idol group worshipped by girls around the world. But when she tries to save the lead singer’s life, they both end up dead instead, and a series of mishaps in heaven put them back on Earth… in each other’s bodies!
Idol culture is HUGE right now (BTS!), and this wacky comedy taps into that in the same way Kiss Him, Not Me! tapped into yaoi culture.
Release Date: February 2021 // Available in Print (Currently Available in Digital)

The Summer of You (Manga) by Furuya Nagisa
A wistful summer blossoms between two high school boys finding themselves and each other through a shared love of movies in this dramatic, two-volume BL series, perfect for fans of I Hear the Sunspot. Chiharu Saeki and Wataru Toda are two high school students who share a common hobby: They love to watch movies. After they meet, they become fast friends, until one day, when Chiharu confesses his love for Wataru. Wataru says that Chiharu’s confession doesn’t bother him, and the boys continue throughout their summer, going to pilgrimages to see film spots from their favorite movies. But the more time he spends with Chiharu, Wataru realizes that he may not only be as unaffected by Chiharu’s confession as he claimed to be, but those feelings may also be mutual…
Release Date: Spring 2021 // To Be Available in Print & Digital

Chasing After Aoi Koshiba (Manga) Story by Hazuki Takeoka, Art by Fly
The first yuri (girl-girl romance) manga from the creator of the popular melodrama Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Takeoka Hazuki, here teaming up with acclaimed illustrator Fly.

At her high school reunion, a woman reminisces about the shallow girl she was in high school and her absent first love, who taught her so much…
Release Date: March 2021 // To Be Available in Print & Digital

Cells at Work: Baby! (Manga) by Yasuhiro Fukuda (Original concept by Akane Shimizu)
It’s no easy feat to keep a body happy and healthy, so even the newest cells have their tiny-winey, chubby-wubby hands full! Join these cute baby cells as they work hard within their newborn baby body, in this newest (literally!) spinoff of Cells at Work!
Release Date: July 21, 2020 (Digital) // Spring 2021 (Print)


Coming next spring from VERTICAL 

Haru’s Curse (Manga) by Asuka Konishi
After Natsumi’s younger sister and best friend Haru dies at the age of 19, she begins dating Haru’s fiancee Togo – on the condition that he take her only to places he had taken her sister. Their relationship deepens as the seasons pass, but Haru’s curse lies between them…Will there be happiness after Haru’s curse is broken?
Release Date: February 2021 // To Be Available in Print & Digital

A School Frozen in Time (Manga) by Naoshi Arakawa, based on a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura
From two star creators Naoshi Arawakawa (Your Lie in April) and award winning writer Mizuki Tsujimura (Anime Supremacy!) comes a psychological horror story filled with twists, turns, and hard truths about the lives of high school students and the pressures they face in modern society.

On a snowy school day like any other, classmates and childhood friends Hiroshi and Mizuki arrive at school to find the campus eerily empty. Before long, they find themselves trapped inside with six other friends, and even strangers, all the clocks have stopped at a very specific moment–the exact time when a former classmate jumped off the school roof to their death three months earlier. It turns out that this departed friend is their way out of their current predicament and may even be among their group…but no one can remember who it was that took their life on that sad day. The students must face themselves and their past memories to piece together the identity of this suicide victim or risk a similar fate–with their lives lost and forgotten inside these frigid school walls.
Release Date: April 2021 // To Be Available in Print & Digital

That wraps up our Spring 2021 announcements. 
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