Fine wine, fine manga: The Drops of God Volumes 1-11 now out from comiXology Originals!

The word’s greatest wine manga continues!

Kodansha Comics and ComiXology Originals are pleased to announce they’re completing the internationally renowned wine manga The Drops of God in English for the very first time.

Volumes 1-11 debut October 14 and can be read digitally as part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive content—available for purchase only on Kindle and comiXology and streaming on Amazon Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited. Thirty-four of the 44-volume series have never been translated in English. Today’s release sees the previously published volumes 1-8 re-edited with new cover art and volumes 9-11 appearing today in English for the first time ever. More volumes to be added at a later date. 

Created and written by Tadashi Agi, a pseudonym for siblings Shin and Yuko Kibayashi, with artwork by Shu Okimoto, The Drops of God has had an unprecedented impact on the international wine market and the various wines featured throughout the series. How many manga see their debuts announced exclusively in Wine Spectator?

When world-renowned wine critic Kanzaki Yutaka passes away, his will reveals that his fortune of a wine collection isn’t automatically bequeathed to his only son Kanzaki Shizuku, a junior employee at a Japanese beverage company whose main focus is selling beer. In order to take ownership of his legacy and the inheritance, he must correctly identify and describe thirteen wines, the first twelve heaven-sent wines known as the “Twelve Apostles” and the thirteenth known as the “Drops of God,” while competing against the stellar young wine critic, Toomine Issei.  With determination, a strong sense of taste and smell, and an uncanny ability to describe his experiences, Shizuku submerges himself in the world of wine to try to solve its mysteries and defeat Issei. 

The creators, the brother-sister duo Shin and Yuko Kibayashi (a.k.a. “Tadashi Agi”), will be appearing Stateside October 20-21 in a pair of exclusive appearances in Napa Valley (where else?) and Beverly Hills! More info including an exclusive Q&A with the Kibayashis here.

The Drops of God is a fun and educational page-turner for wine connoisseurs and beginners alike. It has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list, the 2011 New York Times Holiday Gift Guide and’s Best New Manga list of 2011 and has received enormous praise: 

“My favorite wine book of 2011 … Pick up this first volume at your sleep’s peril. It’s a one-nighter, a wine tale that is equal parts coming-of-age, love and detective stories. Along its nervy way, it nonetheless plainly explains various wines, wine talk and the how-to of wine tasting. As a graphic novel, it gets across a lot more emotion and imagery than mere prose … You’ll be drunk with anticipation.”  Chicago Tribune

“An almost psychedelically beautiful work… It’s like Speed Racer crossed with Wine Spectator.” The Daily Dish (LA Times)

“Absolute page-turner … It’s the sweeping two-page illustrations of taste-transporting moments (a shirt-tearing jam by rock band Queen, a maiden fleeing through strawberry fields) that better capture wine’s great allure than a thousand dry scribblings on history and weather conditions.” Time Out New York

“It presents wines rapturously and in creative ways … I’m a vodka man, but Drops of God left me with a new appreciation for the grape, new vocabulary words like terroir (the flavors and aromas that soil and geography impart to a wine) and a fascination with decanting, which the book depicts as an art form.” —The New York Times


Time for manga drama! All of MARS and You’re My Pet now out on comiXology Originals

The return of two all-time romance manga classics!

Ready for some … drama? ComiXology Originals and Kodansha Comics today revive a pair of all-time fan favorites: Fuyumi Soryo’s high-school psychodrama MARS, featuring even more twists and turns then you probably remember, and Yayoi Ogawa’s You’re My Pet (first released as Tramps Like Us, but now back with its original title), fondly remembered for its sharp portrayal of one of the most remarkable female protagonists in manga history.

As part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive content, all 15 volumes of MARS and all 14 volumes of You’re My Pet feature new covers and are now available to read digitally at no additional cost for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited members. They’re also available for download purchase on Kindle and comiXology. Today’s double debut builds on the success that comiXology Originals and Kodansha Comics have had with bringing back and completing formerly out-of-print manga classics like Harold Sakuishi’s BECK and Shuichi’s Shigeno’s Initial D.

MARS by Fuyumi Soryo (15 volumes)
Back in the day Fuyumi Soryo’s beautifully illustrated shojo manga turned some young comics readers heads inside-out with hysterical plots revolving around the traumatic secret histories of its seemingly poised protagonists. Art class was never quite like this …

Superpopular motorcycle racer Rei and shy, neurotic art student Kira are worlds apart … until one fateful day brings them together. Rei stumbles upon Kira in the harassing hands of her sleazy art teacher and saves the quiet girl from his clutches. And when the resident school pretty boy plants a kiss on a statue of Mars in the studio, Kira finds herself drawn in and even summons up the nerve to ask him to model for her! MARS was adapted in 2016 into a popular live-action TV series (and then into a film) in Japan.

About Fuyumi Soryo
After debuting as a manga artist in 1982, Fuyumi Soryo serialized her first series Onajigurai Ai (Same Amount of Love) in Bessatsu Shojo Comics (Shogakukan) in 1985. Her most renowned work include MARS and Boyfriend, which won the 33rd Annual Shogakukan Manga Award. In 2001, she serialized ES: Eternal Sabbath in Morning magazine (Kodansha.) Her current work, Cesare: The Creator of Destruction, is being serialized in Morning. To create a new interpretation of the Italian Renaissance hero Cesare Borgia, Soryo studied various historical records and artwork from the era and consulted with Italian Literature scholar Tomoaki Hara. The beautifully illustrated and historically accurate Italian cityscape of Cesare has been critically acclaimed by both historians and manga readers alike.

You’re My Pet by Yayoi Ogawa (14 volumes)
Far from a typical romance manga, You’re My Pet features one of the more memorable protagonists in manga history, putting an X-Ray to life as a single woman in the big city, with surprising nuance and edgy, sophisticated humor. Fans of Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls will want to check out one of its great predecessors, which seems to have hardly dated at all.

Life was good for Sumire Iwaya … until the day she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. She gets demoted at work and her life spirals toward the dumps. Things take a turn for the better when she crosses paths with Momo, a handsome-but-homeless guy with a colorful past who puts a bounce in her step and a shake in her hips. It takes two to tango, but when Sumire’s first love reappears in her life, will this be the last waltz? You’re My Pet was adapted into a Japanese TV series in 2003 and then again in 2017.

About Yayoi Ogawa
Born December 1 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yayoi Ogawa was nominated in 1994 for Kodansha’s mimi&Kiss Autumn Newcomer Manga Award. In December of the same year, she debuted as a manga artist with Sugao ni Kiss Shite (Kiss Me on My Bare Face) in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine. Her most renowned work is You’re My Pet, which sold 4 million copies in Japan and won the 27th Annual Kodansha Manga Award. It was also adapted into a live-action TV drama series in 2003 and again in 2017. Currently Ogawa is serializing two works simultaneously, Kiss & Never Cry in Kiss magazine and BAROQUE in Monthly Sirius magazine (both from Kodansha.)

About comiXology Originals
ComiXology Originals is comiXology’s exclusive comic book content line that is available across Amazon’s subscription services of Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited and are also available for purchase on Kindle and comiXology.

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ComiXology, the cloud-based digital comics platform, just gave their virtual manga shelf a big boost today, with the addition of the entire digital catalog of Kodansha Comics! Here is the press release.

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