My Darling Next Door Vol. 1 FREE + 99¢ Vol. 1s

My Darling Next Door vol. 1 FREE for a limited time

Other select vol. 1s now 99¢ & up to 50% off additional volumes

Our month of Summer Reading suggestions and free volume 1 giveaways is coming to a close with the Summer Reading: Shojo to Josei digital manga sale – featuring a number of innocent and wholesome love as well as spicy and agonizing liaisons!

For one week we’re giving away FREE digital volume 1 of My Darling Next Door – the wholesome yearning crush romance. Not only that but we’re also discounting other select shojo & josei volume 1s to 99¢ & additional volumes up to 50% off! Right now you can let your shojo heart soar to far off lands with the fantasy romance, Nina the Starry Bride; the tsundere school-days love story, Defying Kurosaki-kun, and the hidden-gender slow burn, My Best (♀) Butler. And for more spicy, or mature dalliances check out the steamy crime courtship, Boss Wife; the supernatural revenge drama, Kasane, or even the beautifully esoteric battle manga, Land of the Lustrous. All these series and more start at only 99¢!

Dive into the summer of love with the Summer Reading: Shojo to Josei giving you My Darling Next Door, volume 1 for FREE, with all other volume 1s at 99¢ and subsequent volumes up to 50% off! To see where you can save, visit one of our participating digital vendors: Bookwalker, Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, izneo and MyAnimeList

Sale ends Monday, July 4th! 

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Read the first chapter of the wholesome romance manga, My Darling Next Door, FREE or click on any of the titles shown below to read a first chapter preview!

Love and Spice Sale

Add a spicy kick to your romantic manga collection with this Love and Spice Sale! 

It’s Valentine’s Week and we decided to crank up the heat a few degrees by featuring romance manga titles that are hotter and spicier (18+) than our usual offerings! 

Right now you can take up to 50% off featured spicy romance manga like Cosplay Animal, a romp about a Rika who is looking for love but afraid to share her ambition of cosplay. Also be sure to check out, Harem Marriage, about a woman who decides to marry a mysterious man to save her family – but ends up having to share him with his two wives in a poly marriage. You can even save on the spicy but well-adjusted office romance, Sweat and Soap – now with a live-action adaptation airing in Japan! It’s the perfect time to stock up and gift yourself some hot lovin’ this Valentines!

Not only that but remember that we’re still offering, FREE shojo romance-themed wallpapers for desktop & mobile, all month long, with new wallpapers revealed each week! This week’s wallpaper features our shirtless karate champ  and Akari from the series, Abe-kun’s Got Me Now!

Click the image above and head to our Wallpaper Giveaway post to get yours!

All the series mentioned plus 20+ others are now up to 50% off during the School of Love digital manga sale happening at select digital retailers including Bookwalker, comiXology, Kindle, Google Play, Nook, izneo and MyAnimeList

Sale ends Monday, February 21st! 

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Read the first chapter of our featured series Lovesick Ellie FREE or click on any of the titles shown below to read the first chapter free!

Halloween Treats on Sale!

Treat yourself to horrifying tales of monster (girls), demons, curses & more!

It’s the week of Halloween when all the most horrifying creature of the night come out to play! And to join in on the spirit of this ghastly holiday we’re unearthing tons terrifying tales in a huge Halloween-themed digital manga sale, sure keep you up at night!

Right now you can save up to 50% off nearly all volumes of each select series part of this sale! Haven’t had a chance to check out the body horror battle manga, Gleipnir? Now you can read up to the latest volume at a deep discount! If you’re looking for a classic scare be sure to read all of the alien-invasion saga, Parasyte. Are you a NISIOISIN fan but haven’t read the BAKEMONOGATARI manga, now’s the perfect time to catchup. But if romance and slice-of-life are more your speed we definitely got you covered with the supernatural rom-com, That Wolf-Boy is Mine, and heartwarming scary school life series Interviews with Monster Girls.

But much like a terrifying nightmare, this sale will soon fade away! So, visit one of our participating digital vendors to save – including BookwalkercomiXologyKindleGoogle PlayNook and izneo! Sale ends Monday, November 1st.

Curious about this creepy sale but want to see more? See below to read the FREE 1st chapter of our featured series, Gleipnir. Or click on any of the titles featured below to read their free 1st chapter preview.

All treats, no trick: Discover Terrifying Tales

Crime & Mystery Sale!

Do you have what it takes to collect the clues, chase the leads, and get to the bottom of all the mysterious crimes happening across some amazing Kodansha manga? Now’s your chance to test your mettle, during our Crime & Mystery Digital Manga Sale!

The game is afoot, dear reader! As you can now save up to 50% off such nefarious series as the supernatural undead detective story Undead Girl Murder Farce. If thought provoking mysteries are more your speed, check out A School Frozen in Time – with art by Your Lie in April mangaka, Naoshi Arakawa! If you’re looking for an all baddie thriller, check out the body horror suspense manga, Kasane. You can even try the anime-inspiring fan-favorite manga BAKEMONOGATARI! All this and more at a price that won’t make all your money mysteriously gone.

It’s no mystery that this sale won’t last for long, so visit one of our participating digital vendors to save – including BookwalkercomiXologyKindleGoogle PlayNook and izneo!

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Check out below to read the FREE 1st chapter of our featured series, Undead Girl Murder Farce. Or click on any of the titles featured below to read their free 1st chapter preview.

Follow the clues, solve the case: Discover True Detectives

Manga for Mommy Dearest

Still glowing from the love of Mother’s Day? We’re (un)officially extending the celebration of moms everywhere by featuring series that spotlight some of our favorite manga moms, during the Mommy Dearest Digital Manga Sale!

That’s right save up to 50% off mom saga’s like the featured isekai rom com, I Guess I Became the Mother of the Great Demon King’s 10 Children in Another World! Or check out the tales of an orphaned cat looking for mom with Chi’s Sweet Home and Chi’s Sweet Adventure. Or if you’re looking for a not-so-sweet series, check-out the deadly supernatural melodrama, Kasane. Get all these titles and more at a price that will make your mom proud you’re saving money!

But this sale won’t last long, so don’t get scolded for missing out! Visit your favorite digital vendor to save up to 50% off select titles from the series mentioned below: comiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and izneo. Sale runs from May the 11th to May 17th!

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Check out below to read the FREE 1st chapter of our featured series, I Guess I Became the Mother of the Great Demon King’s 10 Children in Another World!

And See below that for the full list of titles being offered during this sale,
with links to read other chapter 1s FREE!

Don’t for get to call: Mommy Dearest

Prep your hearts for battle with the This Means Love & War Digital Manga Sale (Ends 12/14)

Check out the series that show love can be dangerous!

Like the song says, “love is a battlefield” but who are the soldiers, you ask? Well some of them can be found in the pages of the hilarious, heartwarming, and spicy manga on sale during the This Means Love & War digital manga sale!

That’s right, for a limited time you can take up to 50% off select titles from series featuring star-crossed lovers, like in Boarding School Juliet, and At Full Moon, truly deadly romances, like in DEATHTOPIA and Kasane, and even some funny flings, like in Kiss Him, Not Me! and Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro. Stock up your arsenal with these love stories and many more, at a price that won’t leave you defeated!

Take advantage of this extended deal by visit one of our participating digital vendors today: BookwalkercomiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and izneo. Sale runs from December 1 – 14th!


~This Means Love & War Digital Manga Sale ~

December 1 – 14th

See below for the full list of titles being offered during this sale,
and click on the links below to read chapter 1s FREE!

Kiss Him, Not Me (Vol. 1-7)

Sale also includes:

Abe-Kun’s Got Me Now! (Vol. 1)
Aoba-kun’s Confessions
(Vol. 1-4)
Appleseed Alpha
(Vol. 1)
Are You Lost?
(Vol. 1-3)
At Full Moon
(Vol. 1)
Boarding School Juliet
(Vol. 1-8)
Can I Kiss You Every Day?
(Vol. 1-2)
Cage of Eden
(Vol. 1-11)
(Vol. 1-4)
Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
(Vol. 1 )
Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania
(Vol. 1-3)
The Full-Time Wife Escapist
(Vol. 1-5)
From the New World
(Vol. 1-4)
GE: Good Ending
(Vol. 1-6)
Grand Blue Dreaming
(Vol. 1-6)
(Vol. 1-4)
(Vol. 1-5)
Hotaru’s Way
(Vol. 1-8)
I’ll Win You Over Sempai!
(Vol. 1-3)
I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World
(Vol. 1-3)
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die
(Vol. 1-3)
(Vol. 1-6)
(Vol. 1-7)
Let’s Kiss in Secret Tomorrow
(Vol. 1-2)
Love Hina Omnibus
(Vol. 1-3)
Love and Lies
(Vol. 1-5)
Lovesick Ellie
(Vol. 1-6)
The Prince in His Dark Days
(Vol. 1-2)
Manga Dogs
(Vol. 1-2)
(Vol. 1)
My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san
(Vol. 1-7)
My Little Monster
(Vol. 1-7)
Mysterious Girlfriend X
(Vol. 1-3)
Negima! Omnibus
(Vol. 1-7)
Negiho!: Mahora Little Girls
(Vol. 1)
A Springtime with Ninjas
(Vol. 1-2)
Tsuredure Children
(Vol. 1-6)
That Wolf-Boy in Mine!
(Vol. 1-2)
UQ Holder!
(Vol. 1-10)
Waiting for Spring
(Vol. 1-7)
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
(Vol. 1-2)
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
(Vol. 1-11)
Watari-Kun’s ****** is About to Collapse
(Vol. 1-4)

Check out the SCARY-good savings in our Terrifying Tales Humble Manga Bundle!


In a very special Halloween-themed Humble Manga Bundle we’re bringing you some of the scariest, creepiest, most disturbing manga Kodansha Comics has to offer – all for a price that won’t kill your wallet! Right now you can jump into the Terrifying Tales Humble Manga Bundle to take big bloody bites or chilling series like the doppelgänger drama Kasane, the action packed monster hunting saga To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, or take a trip into the terrifying world of curses and spirits with PTSD Radio.

Not only that, but for $20 you can even snatch up the digital debut of Junji Ito’s high school horror classic Dissolving Classroom – and STILL get over $1500 worth of other blood curdling Kodansha Comics manga! But hurry this special Humble Manga Bundle will only be available for a limited time!

Name your price: To get ALL these creep-tastic titles in the $20 tier, you’d normally have to pay over $1400! But with this special (and scary!) Humble Manga Bundle, you choose the price and what tier you want to pay up to! Nothing to fear!

Read ’em anywhere: These manga are available in multiple formats including CBZ, PDF, and ePub, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices! Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here

Support charity. We know you’re excited to pad your pockets with digital manga, but did you know you’ll also be donating to great causes? Choose where the money goes—among Kodansha Comics’ preselected charities, The American Civil Liberties Union, and Doctors Without Borders — or choose a charity of your preference via the PayPal Giving Fund. For details on how this works, click here. If you like this bundle or like what Humble Bundle does, you can leave a Humble Tip too.


PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Here’s what you’ll get with each tier:

Pay $1 or more
PTSD Radio volumes 1-5
Dragon Head
volume 1-5
volumes 1-7
Gleipnir volume 1


Pay $8 or more
Kasane volumes 8-14
Dragon Head
volumes 6-10
Until Your Bones Rot volumes 1-7
In/Spectre volume 1
Princess Resurrection volumes 1-5

Pay $10 or more
Inuyashiki volumes 1-5
Starving Anonymous volumes 1-7
Dolly Kill Kill
volume 1
Princess Resurrection volumes 6-10
Sankarea volumes 1-5
In/Spectre volume 2-4


Pay $18 or more
Happiness volumes 1-5
Inuyashiki volumes 1-7
Fort of Apocalypse volume 1
Princess Resurrection volumes 11-15
Sankarea volumes 1-5
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts volumes 2-4
In/Spectre volume 5-8


Pay $20 or more
Happiness volumes 6-10
Can You Just Die My Darling? volumes 1-7
Museum volumes 1-3
Princess Resurrection volumes 16-20
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts volumes 5-7
Noise volume 1
Princess Resurrection Nightmare volumes 1-3
Junji Ito’s Cat Diary volume 1
In/Spectre volume 9-11
Dissolving Classroom volume 1

Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome manga! 

It’s no secret, you’ll save tons on this Double Life Digital Manga Sale! (Ends 3/23)

Have you ever held a secret in your heart? One so deep it was almost like it was being held by another you? You’re not alone! Whether it’s heroes or villains, all the protagonists in the Double Life Digital Manga Sale lead dual lives that force them to keep secrets – sometimes for good and sometimes for EVIL! Now you can follow the secret lives of heroes struggling to keep their powers hidden like in Gleipnir or Inuyashiki, lovers looking to keep their crushes and interests quiet like in Lovesick Ellie or Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otakuand even a villain or two trying to keep from getting caught like in Kasane. So many kinds of secrets can be revealed to you now at an amazing price!

Take up to 50% off all volume of the series listed below by visiting our participating digital partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, Kindle, MyAnimeList, and nook. Sale runs from March 17, until March 23.


~ Double Life Digital Manga Sale! ~
March 17-23
Click on the featured titles for more info or to read Chapter 1s FREE!

1122: For a Happy Marriage
A Kiss, For Real
Ajin: Demi-Human
Aoba-kun’s Confessions
Bloody Monday
Devils’ Line
The Full Time Wife Escapist
If I Could Reach You
Kigurumi Guardians
Kiss Him, Not Me!
The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor
Liar x Liar
Love Massage: Melting Beauty Treatment
Lovesick Ellie
Mardock Scramble
My Boss’s Kitten
My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san
Our Fake Marriage
Peach Heaven
The Prince’s Black Poison
The Prince in His Dark Days
Real Account
Saint Young Men
Shugo Chara!
The Dorm of Love and Secrets
Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode Omnibus
Vampire Dormitory
That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!
Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

And be sure to check-out the debut of an ALL-NEW double life series
Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition By Kouji Kumeta

Read the first chapter FREE by clicking on the cover!



Scary Manga digital sale: 30+ manga series that creep … for up to 50% off! Ends 10/28

Things getting weird this fall? We’re certainly ready here at Kodansha Comics ‘cos we’re putting a whoppin’ 30+ digital series on sale that’ll creep your pants off! That’s right, this week all scary manga are up to 50% off at all of our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, MyAnimeList, and nook. Sale ends Monday October 28, though! 

— Kodansha Comics Scary Manga Sale  —
October 22- 28
Read FREE Chapter 1 previews in the links below! 

As the Gods Will: Second Series
Attack on Titan Before the Fall
Attack on Titan No Regrets
Attack on Titan Lost girls
Attack on Titan Anthology
Cage of Eden
Can You Just Die, My Darling?
Cells At Work CODE BLACK
Devils’ Line
Dragon Head
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life
The Flowers of Evil
Fort of Apocalypse
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
Kokkoku: Moment by Moment
Imperfect Girl
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die
Junjij Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon and Mu
The Ghost and the Lady
Neo Parasyte
Princess Resurrection
PTSD Radio
Starving Anonymous
Until Your Bones Rot
Witchcraft Works


There’s more! It is that time of year, isn’t it … ? This Saturday, October 26, we celebrate Halloween Comic Fest!

Here’s how it works: Visit your Local Comic Shop and pick up a free Kodansha Comics sampler of our new video-game-related manga featuring Tales of Berseria, Granblue Fantasy and Fate/Grand Order!

And from Vertical, a sampler of NISIOISIN’s hit-novel-series-turned-manga, BAKEMONOGATARIwith special tribute artwork inside, so check that out!


About Halloween Comic Fest

Halloween ComicFest (HCF) is the comic book industry’s premier fall event—a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away specially published comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their shops. Find your local participating comic book shop at

Power Women Sale! Farewell, Dear My Cramer & 30+ series up to 50% off on digital!

Attack on Titan, Princess Jellyfish, Your Lie in April … We here at Kodansha Comics love those manga series with powerful, beautiful, fearless female characters! To feature those awesome ladies, this week only, we’re hosting Power Women Sale,  where we put 30+ selected manga series with our favorite female characters and put them up up for 50% off discount at our digital retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, Google Play, Kindle, and nook. Sale ends August 5. 

Here’s a few recommendations!

Farewell, My Dear Cramer—the latest masterwork by Naoshi Arakawa of Your Lie in April fame debuts today!
All three of Arakawa-sensei’s manga from Kodansha Comics are a part of the Power Women Sale!

And here’s the complete lineup!

~ Kodansha Comics Power Women Sale  ~
July 30-August 5

Click on the link to read Chapter 1 for FREE!

A.I.C.O. Incarnation
Are You Lost?
Attack on Titan: Lost Girls
Boarding School Juliet
Drowning Love
Farewell, My Dear Cramer
The Flowers of Evil
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Kigurumi Guardians
Magical Sempai
Missions of Love
My Brother The Shut-In
My Little Monster
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Nodame Cantabile
Peach Girl
Peach Girl Next
Perfect World
Princess Jellyfish
Princess Resurrection
Princess Resurrection Nightmare
The Quintessential Quintuplets
Real Girl
Sayonara Football
Shojo Fight
A Springtime with Ninjas
Tokyo Tarareba Girls
Wave, Listen to Me!
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Your Lie in April
You’re My Pet
Yuri is My Job!