Romance is in the air: digital manga up to 50% off thru Feb 19!

What kind of love are you looking for? 
Romance season is ON! Looking for that special someone? Trying to plan a surprise for your sweetie? Or maybe you’re just looking for something more than plain ol’ “romance” per se … Hey, why don’t you get a clue from some manga 😉 

Starting February 6, Kodansha Comics is offering a whopping 67 romantic manga from all genres for up to 50% off at all of our digital-partner platforms: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. This offer will last for 2 weeks (ends February 19)!

Been away from romance … or romance manga? We’ve picked up some of our recent favorites by powerhouse creators like Akiko Higashimura, Ema Toyama and Mari Yoshino. Check out the Chapter 1 previews and see if there’s something you like! 

Kodansha Comics Romance Manga Sale (February 6-February 19)
Click on links below for free Chapter 1 previews!

manga by Akiko Higashimura
Princess Jellyfish
Tokyo Tarareba Girls

manga by Ema Toyama
Aoba-kun’s Confessions
I Am Here!
Missions of Love

manga by Mari Yoshino
Beauty Bunny
Peach Heaven

manga by Taamo
House of the Sun
I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World

manga by Robico
My Little Monster
Our Precious Conversations

manga by Rin Mikimoto
Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight
Love’s Reach

manga by Jun Yuzuki 
Gakuen Prince
The Prince’s Black Poison

As seen as Anime
Appleseed Alpha
Clockwork Planet
5 Centimeters per Second
From the New World
The Garden of Words
Love and Lies
Love Hina
Nemiga! Omnibus
Nodame Cantabille
School Rumble
A Silent Voice
The Gods Lie.
Tsuredure Children
Unlimited Fafnir
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Your Lie in April

Shojo / Josei Romance
A Springtime with Ninjas
Black Panther and Sweet 16
Cosplay Animal
Drowning Love
The Full-Time Wife Escapist
Hotaru’s Way
Kigurumi Guardians
Kiss Him, Not Me!
Let’s Dance a Waltz
Living-Room Matsunaga-san
Lovesick Ellie
My Boyfriend in Orange
My Brother The Shut-In
The Prince in His Dark Days
Real Girl
Say I Love You.
Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty
That Wolf-Boy is Mine!

Shonen / Seinen Romance
Cage of Eden
Devils’ Line
Domestic Girlfriend
The Flowers of Evil
Forget Me Not
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly, I Could Die
Imperfect Girl
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
Mysterious Girlfriend X

All-Time Manga-to-Anime Sale! Your favorite anime’s original story up to 50% off

Attack on Titan, The Ghost in the Shell, The Seven Deadly Sins and more … You may have seen these anime, but didja know they're all based on manga from Kodansha Comics?

For one week only, we're showcasing series that were originally a manga then adapted into an anime during The All-Time Manga-to-Anime Sale! Check out the list of series that's 50% off at all our digital retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale runs through January 22!

—All-Time Manga-to-Anime Sale — 
all volumes up to 50% off through January 22!

Ace of the Diamond
Air Gear
Air Gear Omnibus
All Out!!
Altair: A Record of Battles
Appleseed Alpha
Attack on Titan
Cage of Eden
Chi’s Sweet Home
Clockwork Planet
Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life
Fairy Tail
5 Centimeters per Second
Flying Witch
The Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Giant Killing
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
Interview with Monster Girls
Kiss Him, Not Me
Knights of Sidonia
Kokkoku: Moment by Moment
Land of the Lustrous
Love and Lies
Love Hina
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Negima Omnibus
Ninja Slayer Kills
Nodame Cantabile
Noragami: Stray God
Princess Jellyfish
Princess Resurrection
Pumpkin Scissors
Rave Master
Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei
School Rumble
The Seven Deadly Sins
She and her Cat
A Silent Voice
Space Brothers
Spoof on Titan
Sweetness and Lightning
Tsuredure Children
Unlimited Fafnir
UQ Holder
Welcome to the Ballroom
Witchcraft Works
Yagyu Ninja Scrolls
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Your Lie in April
Yozakura Quartet

Wanna know about the latest manga-to-anime series?
Check out the Winter 2018 Manga to Anime Guide!

“Bundle Up” for Winter Sale! New digital manga bundles

Keep yourself warm with these digital manga bundles! 

Brrrr … It's COLD outside! There's never been a more perfect time to stay cozy indoors and catch up on some manga!

Starting January 9, Kodansha Comics has launched 17 new digital manga bundles (all completed series or a anime-season equivalent) on comiXology!

That means: you can now binge-read a full manga series, for around 30% off what you'd pay if you'd bought those volumes individually, with one click of a button (how dangerous)!

And to get this year and these bundles started off right, for this week only, we're taking an additional 20% off! Whaddya say?

— "Bundle Up for Winter" Sale! — 
 New Digital Manga Bundle Deals + Additional 20% off Discount
through January 15

Attack on Titan Anime Season 2 Bundle 
Volumes 9-12
Regular Price: $43.99 → Bundle Price: $29.99
+Additional Discount: $21.99

Basilisk Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-5
Regular Price: $54.99 → Bundle Price: $38.99
+Additional Discount: $27.99

BLAME! Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-6
Plus a spinoff BLAME! Academy and So On and prequel NOiSE
Regular Price: $141.99 → Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Chi's Sweet Home Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-12
Regular Price: $95.99 → Bundle Price: $67.99?
+Additional Discount: $47.99

COPPELION Complete Bundle
Volume 1 through 26
Regular Price: $284.99 → Bundle Price: $199.99
+Additional Discount: $139.99

House of the Sun Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-13
Regular Price: $141.99→ Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Inuyashiki Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-10
Regular Price: $109.99→ Bundle Price: $79.99
+Additional Discount: $54.99

Knights of Sidonia Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-15
Regular Price: $118.99→ Bundle Price: $83.99
+Additional Discount: $59.99

Negima! Complete Bundle
Omunibus Volumes 1-9, plus 11 individual volumes
Regular Price: $298.99→ Bundle Price: $199.99
+Additional Discount: $149.99

My Little Monster Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-13
Regular Price: $141.99→ Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Nodame Cantabile Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-25
Regular Price: $274.99→ Bundle Price: $189.99
+Additional Discount: $134.99

Parasyte Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-12
Regular Price: $95.99→ Bundle Price: $60.99
+Additional Discount: $47.99

The Prince in His Dark Days Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-4
Regular Price: $51.99→ Bundle Price: $36.99
+Additional Discount: $25.99

Say I Love You. Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-18
Regular Price: $197.99→ Bundle Price: $136.99
+Additional Discount: $99.99

A Silent Voice Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-7
Regular Price: $76.99→ Bundle Price: $53.99
+Additional Discount: $37.99

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-9
Regular Price: $98.99→ Bundle Price: $69.99
+Additional Discount: $49.99

That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-4
Regular Price: $43.99→ Bundle Price: $29.99
+Additional Discount: $21.99

Fantasy Manga Sale! + 2 digital debuts: Ayanashi and Drifting Dragons

We love Fantasy Manga!
An awesome supernatural power? Check. Steampunk technology? Check. Mythological creatures that tries to eat you? Check! Yes, we all love the world of fantasy where anything and everything goes!

This week, as a part of Kodansha Comics' holiday surprise, we are launching two brand-new fantasy manga: Ayanashi and Drifting Dragons! 

Click on the cover to read Chapter 1!

And to celebrate further, we're opening up the vault and unleashing a host of Kodansha Comics' best fantasy series with our I Love Fantasy digital manga sale—where you get up to 50% offf at all our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale runs through December 11!

— I Love Fantasy Sale — 
all volumes up to 50% off through December 11

Drifting Dragons 
Fairy Tail
Fairy Girls
Fairy Tail Blue Mistral
Fairy Tail Ice Trail
Fairy Tail Rhodonite
Fairy Tail Twin Dragons of Saber Tooth
Fairy Tail Zero
Fairy Tail S
Monster Soul
Rave Master
UQ Holder!
Negima! Omnibus
Altair: A Record of Battles
Animal Land
Cage of Eden
Clockwork Planet
Frau Faust
Fire Force
The Ghost and the Lady
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
Kigurumi Guardians
Land of the Lustrous
Shugo Chara!
Shugo Chara Chan!
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts
To Your Eternity
Tokyo Mewmew Omnibus
Tokyo Mewmew A La Mode
Unlimited Fafnir
Vinland Saga
Witchcraft Works
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Did you find the fantasy manga that interests you? Try it out on digital first, and see if you like it! 


Creator Spotlight Sale: Ken Akamatsu’s UQ Holder!, Love Hina & more digital manga 50% off thru 11/20

Ken Akamatsu has been the king of rom-com shonen manga since the 2000s. You know his hit manga and anime Love Hina and his even bigger follow-up series Negmia! But Akamatsu-sensei's hit-manga-maker career doesn't stop there! His current series, UQ Holder, is a sequel to Negima!  and debuted as a new anime this season on Amazon Anime Strike!

To celebrate all things Akamatsu, we're showcasing all of this manga master's works, with every digital volume up to 50% off at all our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Crunchyroll, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale runs through November 20. 

— Ken Akamatsu digital sale —
all volumes and chapters up to 50% off through November 20

Love Hina Omnibus volumes 1-5
Ken Akamatsu's classic rom-com manga! 
Negima! Omnibus volumes 1-9
Negima volumes 1-27 in omnibus format! 
Negima! volumes 28-38 
The climax and conclusion of Negima! 
Negiho!: Mahora Little Girls
Negima! spinoff 
UQ Holder! volumes 1-12 
The sequel to Negima! It's just getting better! 

Check out the trailer of the anime UQ Holder! 
Simulcast available on Amazon Anime Strike! 

Are you an artist? Enter the UQ Holder! Drawing Contest!
Entries accepted through November 26!