Science-Fiction Manga by Nihei: pay what you want on Humble Bundle until January 11

January 9 UPDATE (3 p.m. Pacific): Only 2 days left, but we've attained our $100,000 goal—that means all those who made or make a donation of $17 or more for the entire bundle will also be receiving bonus content only available from Humble Bundle: APOSIMZ (the prologue chapter from Tsutomu Nihei's new manga series), an exclusive Nihei video, and the Science Fiction Manga by Nihei: Collected Works digital art book!

Kodansha Comics presents the Science Fiction Manga by Nihei book bundle in partnership with our good pals at Humble Bundle. Now we are offering $185 worth of digital manga, including legendary manga-ka Tsutomu Nihei’s early mind-benders BLAME! and NOiSE up to his masterpiece, Knights of Sidonia. The cost of the bundle? You can pay what you want! 

Name your price. Together, the books in this bundle usually cost as much as $185. At Humble Bundle, though, you choose the price!

Read ’em anywhere. These comics are available in multiple formats including CBZ, PDF, and ePub, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices! Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here.

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This special bundle ends WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 10:59 A.M. PACIFIC TIME.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Here’s what you’ll get with each tier:

FREE with newsletter sign up
Unlock NOiSE, a prequel to BLAME!  

Pay $1 or more
Unlock all of the above + BLAME! volume 1 + a 1-month subscription to Crunchyroll

Pay $8 or more
Unlock all of the above + BLAME! volume 2 + the never-before-published-in-English BLAME! Academy and So On, a spinoff of BLAME!

Pay $17 or more
Unlock all of the above + the Knights of Sidonia Complete Set (volumes 1-15)


BONUS GOALS = EXCLUSIVE NEW CONTENT Help us reach our bonus goals and unlock never-before-seen new work from Nihei!

A prologue chapter from Nihei’s next manga series. Unlock at $50K.

Tsutomu Nihei Creator Profile video
Unlock at $75K.

Science Fiction Manga by Nihei: Collected Works
Art booklet. Unlock at $100K.


Born in 1971 in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture, Tsutomu Nihei has been drawing comics professionally since the mid 1990s. In 1995 he was awarded the Jiro Taniguchi Special Prize in that year's Afternoon Magazine Four Seasons Awards for his submission, Blame. After working as an assistant to veteran comic artist Tsutomu Takahashi, Nihei went on to launch his debut series BLAME! in Afternoon Magazine in 1998. Following the success of BLAME! he next penned BioMega (published in English by Viz Media) and Wolverine SNIKT (Marvel). In 2009 Nihei returned to Afternoon to launch his most recent series, Knights of Sidonia. In 2015 he won the Kodansha Manga Award in the General Comics category for his work on Knights of Sidonia. Nihei has revealed that he is currently working on a new series, to be called APOSIMZ


Media: Click here for the official press release.


Watch the video of Nihei drawing Tsumugi from Knights of Sidonia.
This video was taken during the reception of Nihei's original design toy exhibit at BAIT store during SDCC 2016


So whaddya think of the BLAME! T-shirt Nihei was wearing in the video?

Actually, it’s a special T-shirt Nihei himself designed for his clothing brand, Toha Heavy Industries—and now we’re offering you the chance to win it!



1. To join the contest, log in to your Twitter account and retweet @KodanshaUSA's original post about the contest.

2. After January 11, 10:59 A.M. PACIFIC TIME, we'll randomly select 10 winners from the list of people who RT'ed.

3. We'll contact the 10 winners individually via Direct Message and ask for T-shirt size and shipping address.

4. Contest is open to U.S. and Canada residents ONLY.


All digital-only volume 1s now 99 cents—ends September 20!


Welcome back to School Rumblewe mean it! We're putting 17 digital volume 1s—not just School Rumble—on sale for 99 cents each! 

Get into any of our digital-only series, including the exciting "Kodansha Resurrection" titles we're bring back from out of print. Visit our digital retail partners—at comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook—through September 20 (11pm Eastern Time) to get started.

Here's the complete list of our digital-only Volume 1s, which are now on sale (full Chapter 1s at the links):

As the Gods Will: The Second Series
Fort of Apocalypse
Gakuen Prince
My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san
Nodame Cantabile
Princess Resurrection
Pumpkin Scissors
Sayonara, Football
School Rumble
Space Brothers
Unlimited Fafnir
Yagyu Ninja Scrolls
Yozakura Quartet

Kodansha Resurrection: out-of-print series now back—in digital


Updated on 8/2: … and to our digital "resurrections" we've just added the first two volumes of Ryotaro Iwanaga's military alt-history saga Pumpkin Scissors and Volume 1 of Suzuhito Yasuda's monster-bash cult-fave Yozakura Quartet!


Originally posted July 27:

They're back. Once upon a time, many legendary manga series in English went into limbo when their publishers ceased operations. Some of those—if they were published by Kodansha in Japan—continued to be released by yours truly, but several went out-of-print and/or were never completed.

Well, they're back now—in digital—and we're looking to finish them. Keep your eyes peeled for much more to come, but to kick off our Resurrection the first two volumes of each of these series go on sale today at all of our digital retail partners (comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook):


• alien-invasion thriller ALIVEperhaps now best known as the breakthrough work of Noragami: Stray God mangaka Adachitoka
• absolute shojo cult-fave Nodame Cantabile, by Tomoko Ninomiya, about the ongoing relationship between two very different classical musicians
• monster-killer-comedy-turned-late-night-anime-classic Princess Resurrectionby Yasunori Mitsunaga
• Jin Kobayashi's epic of high-school hijinx, School Rumble

On top of that, enjoy these two back-in-print classics from Tsutomu Nihei that we've also just recently added to our digital lineup:

9781682332931BLAME! cover

The "Resurrection" promises to be one of the most ambitious ongoing projects by our digital publishing team. Look for new volumes to come out every week—and more announcements in the weeks and months to come.

Tsutomu Nihei’s classic NOiSE is BACK in digital—read Chapter 1 here

Originally published by Tokyopop, then long out of print, Tsutomu Nihei's (Knights of Sidonia) dark cyberpunk prequel to BLAME! is now back—in digital. (Available now from Kindle, comiXology, iBooks, nook, and Kobo.)

Read the complete Chapter 1 of NOiSE here.

We also recently announced at Anime Expo other long out-of-print Kodansha licenses "resurrected" in digital—with more to come.

And be sure to catch Nihei-sensei's rare Stateside appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2016. Or if you can't make it to SDCC … stay tuned to this channel for a major announcement from manga's preeminent science-fiction master.

Here's a special video message from Nihei-sensei about his anticipation to visit SDCC2016. 


About Tsutomu Nihei

Born in 1971 in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture, Tsutomu Nihei has been drawing comics professionally since the mid 1990s. In 1995 he was awarded the Jiro Taniguchi Special Prize in that year's Afternoon Magazine Four Seasons Awards for his submission called Blame. After working as an assistant to veteran comic artist Tsutomu Takahashi, Nihei went on to launch his debut series Blame! in Afternoon Magazine in 1998. Following the success of Blame! he next penned BioMega (Viz Media) and Wolverine SNIKT (Marvel). In 2009 Nihei returned to Afternoonto launch his latest series, Knights of Sidonia. In 2015 he won the Kodansha Manga Award in the General Comics category for his work on Knights of Sidonia.

Anime Expo Recap: our announcements live from Los Angeles!

July 3 Update: Click here for the announcement on the Attack on Titan Season 2 anime!


Here’s our running recap of what Kodansha Comics is announcing throughout the July 4th holiday weekend from Anime Expo 2016 in Los Angeles!

AoT_Variant Cover_Diamond

At Friday's Attack on Titan Anthology Panel, we not only met some of the creative minds behind this unprecedented collaboration between Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama and an all-star list of the best Western comics artists and writers, we revealed never-before-seen art from the book and gave away exclusive trading cards and other goodies.

AoT Adventure Book

We also announced the forthcoming release of Attack on Titan Adventurea unique Attack on Titan interactive novel in the tradition of "Choose Your Own Adventure." You'll work your way through branching storylines, puzzles, and more! Coming February 2017!


At Saturday's Kodansha Comics panel, we announced Fire Force, the new manga about fighters against spontaneous combustion by Soul Eater creator Atsushi Okubo. Coming November 2016. 


We then announced Ichi F, the landmark nonfiction manga memoir of worker in the Fukushima nuclear power plant that melted down in the wake of the March 2011 tsunami disaster. We'll be publishing this as a 600-page single volume in March 2017.


We also announced the print graphic-novel release of our newest digital simulpub series, Kosuke Fujishima's motorcross dream, Toppu GPcoming in 2017. Also look out for the manga release of Clockwork Planet in 2017, the post-apocalyptic steampunk saga based on the popular light novel series.

Finally, on the digital side of things, we announced the beginning of digital re-releases of long out-of-print Kodansha series that had previously been released in English. More details to come, but look for:

Knights of Sidonia creator Tsutomu Nihei's single-volume prequel to BLAME!, NOiSE
ALIVE by Tadashi Kawashima and Noragami creator Adachitoka
The hit romance about two classical musicians Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya
Horror comedy Princess Resurrection by Yasunori Mitsunaga
High school love triangle comedy School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi

Look for these digital releases by the end of this month—with more announcements about digital re-rereleases from our archives coming at San Diego Comic Con!