Preorder: the Princess Jellyfish Complete Manga Box Set — with exclusive items!

You can now preorder the Princess Jellyfish Complete Manga Box Set — hitting stores June 25!

Calling all Princess Jellyfish fans! Not only is Akiko Higashimura’s masterwork being sold all together in this gorgeously produced new set with stunning wraparound box design, it also comes with some very cool exclusive items that will make your inner fangirl squee!

Super-cute Clara keychain
Carry Tsukimi’s adorable pet jellyfish Clara with you wherever you go, with this exclusive keychain!

Double-sided poster
Declare your allegiance to the Amars by putting their motto—”A Life with No Use for Men”—on your wall! This massive, 32-inch poster features English on one side and the original Japanese calligraphy by creator Akiko Higashimura on the other.


Bonus content Our special 2-in-1 editions include bonus interviews and color pages!

Pre-order today!

Like, before supplies disappear! Follow the link below from your retailer of choice. Amars can always use another member!


Post-Valentine’s Day! Love Is a Battlefield Sale! 60+ romance manga with a twist up to 50% off on digital

Post-Valentine’s Day! Love Is a Battlefield Sale!
Congratulations, you’ve survived Valentine’s Day, again. But let’s be real: romance doesn’t begin or end on February 14, in real life—or in manga! In fact the so-called most romantic day of the year might just be the prelude to one wild emotional rollercoaster ride. And as well-read fans of Kodansha Comics’s extensive romance-manga lineup know, love can be as tough as or tougher than any battle in shonen manga.

So, to get you through to next year’s Valentine’s Day, at least as far as manga is concerned, this week we’ve selected a massive 60+ romance manga series with a twist, and put them at 50% off at all of our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. (Sale ends February 25.)

~ Love Is A Battlefield Sale  ~
February 19-25
Click on the link to read Chapter 1 for FREE!

Boarding School Juliet
The Full-Time Wife Escapist
Hotaru’s Way
I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die
Kiss Him, Not Me
Lovesick Ellie
Magical Sempai
My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san
Princess Jellyfish
The Prince’s Romance Gambit
Tokyo Tarareba Girls
Tsuredure Children
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Aoba-kun’s Confessions
Beauty Bunny
Can I Kiss You Every Day?
Kigurumi Guardians
A Kiss, For Real
Love and Lies
Love’s Reach
Our Precious Conversations
My Boy in Blue
My Boyfriend in Orange
Waiting for Spring

That Wolf-Boy in Mine!
You Got Me, Sempai

House of the Sun
Drowning Love
Kira-kun Today
Perfect World
Real Girl
Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty
Your Lie in April
A Silent Voice
I Am Here!

Beware the Kamiki Brothers
Defying Kurosaki-kun
Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight
Living Room Matsunaga-san
Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love
My Little Monster
Peach Girl
Peach Girl Next
The Prince’s Black Poison
Say I Love You.
A Springtime with Ninjas
The Walls Between Us
Liar x Liar

Ao-chan Can’t Study!
Black Panther and Sweet 16
Cosplay Animal
Domestic Girlfriend
Gakuen Prince
Missions of Love
Peach Heaven
Peach Mermaid

Happily ever after … ? Hope ya found the kind of love you were looking for!

Kodansha Comics Gift Guide Part 2: If you liked ___, then check out ___!

Kodansha Comics Gift Guide Part 2: If You Liked ___, Try ___!

There’s nothing like discovering a manga series that swiftly earns its place on your list of favorites. So when a series like that comes to an end, reading that last volume can be bittersweet and, when it’s all over, can make you think: 
So what am I supposed to read now?! If you’re like us and shed a tear at that last chapter of Fairy Tail or Princess Jellyfish, or if you’re—or someone you know is— looking to find a new series to add to your list of favorites, this week’s installment of our Holiday Gift Guide is sure to help you find just what you want to buy.

For the Fairy Tail Fan—Can’t get enough Fairy Tail? Have you been looking to read more manga from Hiro Mashima? If so, these three brand-new series and spin offs are perfect to add to your TBR pile!

NEW message from Hiro Mashima to the Fairy Tail fans! 


EDENS ZERO (Ages 13+)

It’s been not even a year since Fairy Tail ended, and shonen manga superstar Hiro Mashima is already back with a brand-new series that’s ready to become another fan favorite. If you loved the fist-pumping action, endearing cast of characters, and fantasy from Fairy Tail, EDENS ZERO offers all that and more—in space! EDENS ZERO revolves around Shiki, a boy who has lived his entire life among machines at Granbell Kingdom amusement park. One day, when his old homeland suddenly becomes too dangerous, Shiki joins a girl named Rebecca and her cat companion Happy on their spaceship, escaping into the boundless cosmos and beginning his epic journey to become an adventurer. So if you’re looking for an epic adventure, missed the heart-pounding guild action from Fairy Tail, or have been looking for a brand-new sci-fi manga that reaches for the stars (literally!), you won’t want to miss checking out EDENS ZERO. (Plus, if you look closely, you might be able to see some familiar Fairy Tail faces in the background!)


EDENS ZERO Volume 1 is available now and Volume 2 comes out in February 2019!
Wanna read ahead? EDENS ZERO simulpub is available on comiXology and Crunchyroll Manga





Fairy Tail: Lightning Gods (Ages 13+)

One of the most awesome things about Fairy Tail was Mashima’s ability to create not only a great, compelling story, but with its wide cast of characters, fans were guaranteed to find at least one character they loved. So if you want to stay in the world of Fairy Tail a little longer, or if you happen to be a Laxus fan, Fairy Tail: Lightning Gods is the spin-off for you. Taking place in the mysterious aftermath of the disbanding of Fairy Tail, Laxus takes his Raijin Tribe to Blue Pegasus, where they quickly become popular new wizards. But when Ichiya is kidnapped, the tribe gets drawn into an inter-guild grudge match. If you’ve read the other Fairy Tail spin-offs and have yet to complete your collection, this final electrifying spin-off featuring Laxus and the rest of the Raijin Tribe in their very own adventure is the perfect note to complete your collection on.


Fairy Tail: Lightning Gods is available now in a single, complete volume!







Hiro Mashima’s Playground (Ages 13+)

If you’ve been on a search for a treasure-trove of Hiro Mashima manga, look no further than Hiro Mashima’s Playground. This super-stuffed collection includes eight never-before-seen tales from the master of shonen manga—including the one shot that would later become the Fairy Tail we all know and love today! At almost 400 pages of new adventures, from stories about love and magicians to devils and heroes, Hiro Mashima’s Playground is one wild ride you won’t want to miss!


Hiro Mashima’s Playground is available now in a single extra-large, complete volume!







For fans of sweet spin-offs and The Seven Deadly Sins—If a mix of sweet and shonen is what you’re after, look no further than The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days!



The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days (Ages 16+)

Nakaba Suzuki, creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, is not only great at creating a series with exciting twists and turns at every corner, but amidst all the action and tension he also develops amazing, compelling characters and their respective romantic relationships and histories—making The Seven Deadly Sins a series you can’t wait to read more of. And now, while you’re pausing between episodes of the newest anime season, make sure to sate your own hunger for more Sins with The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days. The official prequel manga to The Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days focuses on the fated relationship between Ban, the Seven Deadly Sins’ Fox’s Sin of Greed, and Elaine, the Fairy King’s sister. When Ban, a young, opportunistic thief, is drawn to the Fairy King’s Forest by the rumor that it holds the Fountain of Life, he meets the Saint of the Fountain, a young Fairy named Elaine, and soon finds that the treasure he most desires may not be the one he originally came to seek.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days is complete in two volumes—Volume 1 is available now, with Volume 2 coming December 2018!




For the Akiko Higashimura, josei, and geek girl fans—Whether you’re an Akiko Higashimura mega fan or have been searching for the next Kiss Him, Not Me! or Princess Jellyfish-esque series, these final two josei rom-coms are sure to have your manga neuroses working overtime.



Tokyo Tarareba Girls (Ages 16+)

If you ever wondered what Bridget Jones’s Diary or Sex and the City would have been like if adapted into a manga, Tokyo Tarareba Girls is your answer. This sharply funny, well-plotted, and empathic comedy follows struggling screenwriter Rinko and her two best friends as they fight to find true love. At 33, Rinko can’t help but lament over the fact that her career’s plateaued, she’s still painfully single, and she spends most of her nights drinking with her two best friends in their favorite pub. One night, in a booze-fueled delusion, Rinko swears to get married by the time the Tokyo Olympics roll around in 2020. But finding a man—or love—may be a cutthroat, dirty job for a romantic at heart!


Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volumes 1 through 3 are available now in print, with Volume 4 coming December 2018! (And the complete 9-volume run is available digitally!)







Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku (Ages 16+)

If you’re an otaku, gamer, nerd in love, or lover of nerds in love, Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku is the perfect read. ICYM the anime premiere back in April, this otaku love story between childhood friends Narumi, who’s a fujoshi, and Hirotaka, a hardcore gaming otaku, instantly became a fan favorite—and with generously sized 2-in-1 volumes, the manga contains even more hysterical, adorably awkward moments between the two characters. After having every boyfriend she’s ever had dump her once they find out she’s an otaku, Narumi decides to go to great lengths to hide it. When a chance meeting at her new job with childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji almost gets her secret outed at work, Narumi comes up with a plan to make sure he never speaks up. But Hirotaka comes up with a counter-proposal: why doesn’t she just date him instead?


Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku Volumes 1 through 3 are available now!




Want to save big? Head on over to Books a Million for their Graphic Novels and Manga: Buy 2, Get 3rd Free Sale!


Stay tuned next week for the final installment of our gift guide, featuring our staff recommendation picks!


What’s Happening at AX2018? Con exclusives, panels, activities & MORE!

July 7 update: all of our major licensing announcements from our Saturday industry panel!

Time for the biggest otaku party of the year—and we’re going bigger than ever before! Come visit Kodansha Comics and Vertical at this year’s Anime Expo, July 5-8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and meet the stars and people behind your favorite manga and anime, get exclusive convention merchandise and free stuff, pick up pre-release books, and be the first in the world to hear about our massive plans for 2019 and beyond!

We’re hosting and participating in five panels this year, our most ever: our regular industry panel, as well as a little BIG something extra for fans of Sailor Moon,  Devils’ Line, and The Seven Deadly Sins!


The Seven Deadly Sins
Manga & Anime Panel

When? Friday, July 6, 10:30 am-11:30 am
Where? LP2 (JW Platinum Ballroom)

Meet Yuki Kaji and Bryce Papenbrook, the Japanese and American stars of the hit anime The Seven Deadly Sins, based on the manga published by Kodansha Comics. Join us for an exciting panel with new announcements and a peek behind the scenes. Plus Q&A and free books and promo items!

Come early to The Seven Deadly Sins panel and make sure to get the panel commemorative item featuring a special illustration by Nakaba Suzuki (manga creator of The Seven Deadly Sins)! 

Devils’ Line Dubcast Edition + Q&A
Friday, July 6, 10:00 pm-11:00pm
LP5 / 404 AB
Join HIDIVE as we explore the Devils’ Line supernatural underworld with Anzai’s English voice actor, Adam Gibbs, and director Kyle Colby Jones.

Come early to Devils’ Line panel and make sure to get the panel commemorative item featuring a special illustration by Ryo Hanada (manga creator of Devils’ Line)! 



Kodansha Comics/Vertical Comics Manga AX-travaganza
When? Saturday, July 7, 3:30 pm-4:30 pm
Where? LP3 (408AB)

Meet the people behind two of America’s top manga publishers: Kodansha Comics (Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, The Ghost in the Shell) and Vertical Comics (Chi’s Sweet Home, Gundam: The Origin, the Monogatari Series). Stop by for the latest new manga announcements, free exclusives straight from Japan, and stories from pros all about your favorite manga and anime!

Sailor Moon Official Behind the Scenes Panel
When? Saturday, July 7, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Where? LP2 (JW Platinum Ballroom)

Meet Fumio Osano, the original Japanese editor of the Sailor Moon manga, plus Sailor Moon Crystal producer Junichiro Tsuchiya and Sailor Moon Eternal Edition editor Lauren Scanlan for the ultimate peek behind the scenes at how the Pretty Guardians were born and where they’re headed next! Plus Q&A and cool stuff! (If you can’t make it to this panel, check out the Sailor Moon panel the same day from 10 am to 12 pm from our friends at Viz Media—you’ll be able to get a free Kodansha Comics sampler there, too!)

Sentai Presents Devils’ Line: Inside the Producer’s Mind
When? Saturday, July 7, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Where? Room 411

Join us as we jump into the minds of part of the creative team from King Records, the producers of Devils’ Line, with questions straight from the fans. Got a question you want to us to ask? Make sure to send it to us via social media or e-mail before July 1st using the hashtag #SentaiAsksDEVILSLine!

Come early to the Devils’ Line panel and make sure to get the panel commemorative item featuring a special illustration by Ryo Hanada (manga creator of Devils Line)! 

Buy it @ Booth #1100!

This year’s Kodansha Comics/Vertical Comics booth, #1100, is a whopping 40 feet by 30 feet—those are some Titan proportions, right there!—and it’ll be bursting with free swag, activities, shopping, and events. You’ll be able to check out Kodansha and Vertical manga, including the latest from Attack on Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, Devils’ Line, Pop Team Epic and more!

Grab free manga samplers, door hangers, and character masks and buy convention-exclusive enamel pins, posters, manuscript replicas ,and acrylic key chains. At the other end of the booth, a big screen will show fresh manga and anime trailers the whole weekend long, and our live stage will host chats with anime talent and fan meet-ups!

For all the Pretty Guardians out there, our Sailor Moon Art Gallery will feature a 16-foot wall with the five Inner Guardians and framed replicas of illustrations by Naoko Takeuchi—perfect for photos—plus an exclusive chance to sign up for the Sailor Moon Fan Club and get Fan Club member only items from Japan. And for the first time, we’ll be selling a range of exclusive Sailor Moon items direct from Tokyo’s pop-up store in our booth!

Finally, our Art Gallery will give everyone a peek at the craft behind the comics, featuring framed art from Attack on Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, The Seven Deadly Sins, Devils’ Line, and Monogatari series! Don’t miss the chance to see the whole process of Japan’s top manga artists.


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Staff Enamel Pin Set
Cells At Work! Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell Acrylic Keyholder Set
Attack on Titan Poster Set
The Seven Deadly Sins Manuscript Replica
Monogatari Poster Set
Devils’ Line Manuscript Replica
K: Seven Stories Tapestry
K: Seven Stories Character Acrylics
Pop Team Epic Chara Dice
Pop Team Epic Selfie Sticks
Pop Team Epic Acrylic Stamps



The Seven Deadly Sins Mini-shikishi by Nakaba Suzuki (Gift with purchase of any product)
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Mini-shikishi by CLAMP (Gift with purchase of any CLAMP related products)
Kodansha Comics and Vertical Comics AX2018 Original Tote Bag (Gift with purchase over $50)
Land of the Lustrous Pin Button (gift with purchase of any volume of Land of the Lustrous)
Attack on Titan Anthology T-shirt (Gift with purchase over $20 on Attack on Titan manga or merchandise)
Devils’ Line Mini-shikishi by Ryo Hanada (gift with purchase of any product)
Devils’ Line pin button with purchase of Devils’ Line manga
CITY Pin Button
Moteki Pin Button
Kodansha Comics and Vertical Comics AX2018 Original Tote Bag (Gift with purchase over $50)

Chance to win Chi merchandise such as cups, posters and pillow.
A winner every time with purchase of Chi’s Sweet Adventures.
*while supplies last

Newsletter subscriber exclusive! Sign up to our newsletter at the Kodansha Comics Booth (#1100) merchandise register or show us that you’re already subscribed to our newsletter and get an exclusive poster featuring Edens Zero and BECK!

Pre-street titles to be sold at AX

Golosseum Volume 2
Grand Blue Dreaming Volume 1
Attack on Titan Season 2 Manga Box Set
Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volume 2
Land of the Lustrous Volume 6
Garrison Girl: Attack on Titan novel from Quirk Books

From Vertical
Gundam Wing Volume 7
Cardfight! Vanguard Volume 12
My Boy Volume 2


Monogatari Boxsets
Preorders for Monogatari Series Box set (season 1) can be made at the RightStuf/COSPA booth (#4729 & #4730). With every preorder at Anime Expo, you will receive a Shinobu acrylic as a gift!

Pop Team Epic
Preorder the Pop Team Epic manga set (volume 1 and Second Season) at the RightStuf/COSPA booth (#4729&4730) during AX,  and you will receive a Popuko and Pipmi acrylic keychain as a gift!

Check back here soon for more information, including a complete list of books for sale, convention exclusives, and a schedule of the exciting events at our live stage!

Events @ BOOTH #1100!


K PHOTO SESSION with KANAME☆ 1:00-2:00 pm There are cosplayers, and then there are stars who just happen to be cosplayers. It’s right there in the name for KANAME☆, who’s been a fixture on the Japanese cosplay scene for more than a decade, will be attending AX as a special guest this year! Come see KANAME☆ take on the new film K: Seven Stories and get the chance to take your own photos!

POP TEAM EPIC Q&A and AUTOGRAPH SESSION with Producer KOTARO SUDO and YouTuber JOEY 3:00-4:30 pm  We reveal the secrets behind Pop Team Epic, with producer Kotaro Sudo and YouTube’s The Anime Man (and Pop Team Epic voice actor) Joey! Be you fan or hater, don’t miss this insider look at one of the most baffling anime of all time! To be followed by an hour-long signing session.

K PHOTO SESSION with KANAME☆ 5:00-6:00 pm


SAILOR MOON FAN MEETUP 10:30-11:30 am Calling all sailor guardians! Head to our Sailor Moon Art Gallery, featuring a 16-foot wall depicting the five Inner Guardians, for a very special photo opportunity and fan meetup. While you’re here, why not sign up for the Japan-based Sailor Moon Fan Club or check out some of our EXCLUSIVE, DIRECT-FROM-TOKYO Sailor Moon merch?

K AUTOGRAPH SESSION with Voice Actor SHIMBA TSUCHIYA 12:30-1:30 pm Hey, K fans! This is your unique opportunity to meet the Japanese voice actor behind Takeru in the brand new K: Seven Stories movie, Shimba Tsuchiya (Haikyu!!, Welcome to the Ballroom).

DEVILS’ LINE AUTOGRAPH SESSION with Producer KISARA TAKAHASHI 2:00-3:30 pm Can’t get enough of DEVILS’ LINE? Neither can we! Sentai Filmworks will be at Kodansha Comics booth for an autograph session with Kisara Takahashi, producer of DEVILS’ LINE! Get there early to make sure you can snag a ticket.

K PHOTO SESSION with KANAME☆ 3:30-4:30 pm




LAND OF THE LUSTROUS TRIVIA AND FAN MEETUP 11:00 am-12:00 pm It’s a Lunarian trivia attack! The editor of the English edition of Land of the Lustrous flings questions at lucky audience members for cool prizes. Can you hit back or will you shatter? Plus, meet fans and cosplayers for a special photo opportunity!

MONOGATARI SERIES FAN MEETUP 12:30-1:30 pm Come celebrate NISIOISIN’s MONOGATARI SERIES First U.S. Exhibition and show us who’s the most hardcore fan! We will be having a raffle and giving away some cool prizes.

ATTACK ON TITAN FAN MEETUP 2:00-3:00 pm Meet the translator and editor of the English edition of Attack on Titan, ask questions, and win prizes! Then meet up at our Attack on Titan Art Gallery for a special opportunity to take photos with fellow fans and Attack on Titan art!

Digital volume 1s by Akiko Higashimura, Mitsurou Kubo, Makoto Shinkai

Kodansha Comics is the home of awesome manga creators. Did you know we publish multiple manga by Mitsurou Kubo (one of the minds behind YURI!!! on ICE) and Makoto Shinkai (of Your Name. fame)? Are you familiar with all the works of shojo manga maestro Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish, Tokyo Tarareba Girls) or up-and-coming best-sellers like Taamo (House of the Sun, I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World)? 

To showcase our amazing creators and their work, we’re hosting our first installment of  the Creator Spotlight Sale at all of our digital retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and nook. 

Here’s the deal

First of all: all digital Volumes 1s of all series listed below only 99¢!
Next: if you like what you’re reading, keep going—because the all other volumes are up to 50% off!
And to make it even easier for you, we’ve put some of the series available as a complete series bundles up to 60% off!

Pretty sweet deal huh? But you gotta hurry, because the sale will end on May 21!

~ Kodansha Comics Creator Spotlight Sale Part 1  ~
May 15-21
Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 for FREE!

Akiko Higashimura
Akiko Higashimura is HILARIOUS. Princess Jellyfish, her award-winning first work published in English, is the rollicking saga of fangirls taking on Tokyo. In her follow up series, Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Higashimura once again sharpens her razor wit on the lives of young women in the big city. This time she hones in on one single thirtysomething and her dystopian dating problems—”One day I woke up and I was 33”!

Check out this exclusive creator interview with Akiko Higashimura! Princess Jellyfish and Tokyo Tarareba Girls volume 1s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Ema Toyama
Psst … do you like secrets? Ema Toyama’s works are full of attractive girls and boys who are bounded by the power of secrets! In her first long running breakthrough series, Missions of Love, the high school girl with the heart of an “ice queen” appoints 
the ever-popular, yet black-hearted student body president to be her sim-boyfriend … all for the sake of research for her novel! Toyama’s latest work, Aoba-kun’s Confessions is about a very shy girl who just started a peculiar job at a “Listening House” and ends up getting the basketball star from her school as her first client!

Missions of Love and Aoba-kun’s Confession volume 1s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Mitsurou Kubo
You may have heard of her name as the original concept/character designer of the hit iceskating anime series Yuri!!! on ICE . And she’s also the latest rising superstar manga creator from Kodansha Comics! Her first two manga to appear in English are Again!!a dramatic, funny, time-traveling high school story about what it means to cheer on a friend—and  Moteki (from Vertical Comics) a romantic comedy about love, coming of age, and hope … at age 30! 

Again!! and Moteki volume 1’s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Mari Yoshino
The talented Mari Yoshino comes up with something spicier than your typical shojo manga with Peach Heaven, the story of a seemingly average high school girl—who’s a famous erotica author in disguise. All goes well until her supermodel classmate—and the biggest playboy in school—learns about her secret! Mari Yoshino’s follow-up work isn’t quite so salacious: Beauty Bunny is a modern day Cinderella story about a spunky protagonist and the rich boy makeup artist she gets mixed up with!

Peach Heaven and Beauty Bunny volume 1’s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Taamo is just one of the many “hidden gem” creators fans are discovering through our digital-first program. Her first work, House of the Sun, is the moving account of a young woman who reconnects with a childhood friend as she puts together the pieces of her life following her parents’ broken marriage. Her follow up work I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World is about a girl who’s always seen herself as the negative to her twin sister’s beautiful photograph, and the handsome boy who just won’t give up on her. Not too many creators tackles the subtle yet complex relationships around a family like Taamo does. If you’ve liked one of her works, you’ll probably like the other one too!

House of the Sun and  I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World volume 1’s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Makoto Shinkai
Kodansha Comics’ sibling publisher, Vertical Comics, has been publishing fine manga adaptations of the films of anime auteur Makoto Shinkai (the director of Your Name.) for some time now. Four standalone manga based on Shinkai’s films—Voice of a Distant Star, She and Her Cat, Garden of Words, and 5 Centimeter Per Secons are ALL only 99¢ during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)

Kouji Seo
Kouji Seo is a master of “boy-meets-girl” stories—some of you may recognize Fuuka from the recent anime adaptation. But did you know that SuzukaSeo’s previous work, is a prequel and about the parents of  Fuuka? Find out more connections between Suzuka and Fuuka, while both series are on sale! 

Suzuka and Fuuka volume 1’s are only 99¢ + all other volumes are up to 50% off during the Creator Spotlight Sale! (ends 5/21)



Romance is in the air: digital manga up to 50% off thru Feb 19!

What kind of love are you looking for? 
Romance season is ON! Looking for that special someone? Trying to plan a surprise for your sweetie? Or maybe you’re just looking for something more than plain ol’ “romance” per se … Hey, why don’t you get a clue from some manga 😉 

Starting February 6, Kodansha Comics is offering a whopping 67 romantic manga from all genres for up to 50% off at all of our digital-partner platforms: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. This offer will last for 2 weeks (ends February 19)!

Been away from romance … or romance manga? We’ve picked up some of our recent favorites by powerhouse creators like Akiko Higashimura, Ema Toyama and Mari Yoshino. Check out the Chapter 1 previews and see if there’s something you like! 

Kodansha Comics Romance Manga Sale (February 6-February 19)
Click on links below for free Chapter 1 previews!

manga by Akiko Higashimura
Princess Jellyfish
Tokyo Tarareba Girls

manga by Ema Toyama
Aoba-kun’s Confessions
I Am Here!
Missions of Love

manga by Mari Yoshino
Beauty Bunny
Peach Heaven

manga by Taamo
House of the Sun
I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World

manga by Robico
My Little Monster
Our Precious Conversations

manga by Rin Mikimoto
Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight
Love’s Reach

manga by Jun Yuzuki 
Gakuen Prince
The Prince’s Black Poison

As seen as Anime
Appleseed Alpha
Clockwork Planet
5 Centimeters per Second
From the New World
The Garden of Words
Love and Lies
Love Hina
Nemiga! Omnibus
Nodame Cantabille
School Rumble
A Silent Voice
The Gods Lie.
Tsuredure Children
Unlimited Fafnir
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Your Lie in April

Shojo / Josei Romance
A Springtime with Ninjas
Black Panther and Sweet 16
Cosplay Animal
Drowning Love
The Full-Time Wife Escapist
Hotaru’s Way
Kigurumi Guardians
Kiss Him, Not Me!
Let’s Dance a Waltz
Living-Room Matsunaga-san
Lovesick Ellie
My Boyfriend in Orange
My Brother The Shut-In
The Prince in His Dark Days
Real Girl
Say I Love You.
Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty
That Wolf-Boy is Mine!

Shonen / Seinen Romance
Cage of Eden
Devils’ Line
Domestic Girlfriend
The Flowers of Evil
Forget Me Not
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly, I Could Die
Imperfect Girl
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
Mysterious Girlfriend X

Digital-first manga up to 50% off thru February 5

Welcome to our club!
Didja know Kodansha Comics has launched dozens of new digital-first manga series, offering an even more diverse and robust library of manga officially in English than what’s available in print? Over the past year or so we’ve been pushing them out at a pretty rapid clip, so our Digital-first Manga Sale this week—with 60+ series on sale up to 50% off— is your perfect chance to go digital and catch up on what’s going on! Questions?—check out our new Digital-first Manga page to see what’s in store!

Why “digital-first”?

• Because some of these series are now—or soon will be—available in print as well, such as Grand Blue Dreaming, To Your Eternity, and Toppu GP. If it’s not in print yet, tell us what you like!
• Because digital-first allows us to get some of these series to you faster, whether that’s to catch up to a recently animated series or as same-day-as-Japan simulpubs on Crunchyroll or comiXology.
• Because it allows us to bring back some of our favorite out-of-print titles, like Rave MasterSuzukaand Nodame Cantabile.
• And because it allows us to try something we might not otherwise! 

For this week only, all digital-first series are on sale up to 50% off on all our digital-platform partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale ends 2/5. It’s deep, deep library of more than 60 series, so check out the list below and why not try something new?

Kodansha Comics Digital-First Manga Sale (January 30-February 5) 
Click on links below for free Chapter 1 previews!

As Seen as Anime
Ace of the Diamond
All Out!!
Altair: A Record of Battles
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life
Giant Killing
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness
​Kokkoku: Moment by Moment
Nodame Cantabile
Pumpkin Scissors
Princess Resurrection
Rave Master
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
School Rumble
Space Brothers
Tsuredure Children
Yagyu Ninja Scrolls
Yozakura Quartet

All-Rounder Meguru
Grand Blue Dreaming
GTO Paradise Lost
Kounodori: Dr. Stork
My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san
Sayonara Football
Shojo Fight
Wave, Listen to Me!

Aoba-kun’s Confessions
Beauty Bunny
Black Panther and Sweet 16
Drowning Love
The Full-Time Wife Escapist
Gakuen Prince
Hotaru’s Way
House of the Sun
I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly, I Could Die
I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World
Living-room Matsunaga-san
Love’s Reach
Lovesick Ellie
My Boyfriend in Orange
My Brother The Shut-In
Our Precious Conversations
The Prince’s Black Poison
Real Girl
A Springtime with Ninjas
Tokyo Tarareba Girls

Fantasy/Science-Fiction/Dark Fantasy
As the Gods Will The Second Series
Drifting Dragons
Pitch-Black Ten
PTSD Radio
Until Your Bones Rot

For Mature Audiences
Cage of Eden
Cosplay Animal
Domestic Girlfriend
Magical Sempai
Peach Heaven

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“Bundle Up” for Winter Sale! New digital manga bundles

Keep yourself warm with these digital manga bundles! 

Brrrr … It's COLD outside! There's never been a more perfect time to stay cozy indoors and catch up on some manga!

Starting January 9, Kodansha Comics has launched 17 new digital manga bundles (all completed series or a anime-season equivalent) on comiXology!

That means: you can now binge-read a full manga series, for around 30% off what you'd pay if you'd bought those volumes individually, with one click of a button (how dangerous)!

And to get this year and these bundles started off right, for this week only, we're taking an additional 20% off! Whaddya say?

— "Bundle Up for Winter" Sale! — 
 New Digital Manga Bundle Deals + Additional 20% off Discount
through January 15

Attack on Titan Anime Season 2 Bundle 
Volumes 9-12
Regular Price: $43.99 → Bundle Price: $29.99
+Additional Discount: $21.99

Basilisk Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-5
Regular Price: $54.99 → Bundle Price: $38.99
+Additional Discount: $27.99

BLAME! Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-6
Plus a spinoff BLAME! Academy and So On and prequel NOiSE
Regular Price: $141.99 → Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Chi's Sweet Home Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-12
Regular Price: $95.99 → Bundle Price: $67.99?
+Additional Discount: $47.99

COPPELION Complete Bundle
Volume 1 through 26
Regular Price: $284.99 → Bundle Price: $199.99
+Additional Discount: $139.99

House of the Sun Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-13
Regular Price: $141.99→ Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Inuyashiki Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-10
Regular Price: $109.99→ Bundle Price: $79.99
+Additional Discount: $54.99

Knights of Sidonia Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-15
Regular Price: $118.99→ Bundle Price: $83.99
+Additional Discount: $59.99

Negima! Complete Bundle
Omunibus Volumes 1-9, plus 11 individual volumes
Regular Price: $298.99→ Bundle Price: $199.99
+Additional Discount: $149.99

My Little Monster Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-13
Regular Price: $141.99→ Bundle Price: $99.99
+Additional Discount: $69.99

Nodame Cantabile Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-25
Regular Price: $274.99→ Bundle Price: $189.99
+Additional Discount: $134.99

Parasyte Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-12
Regular Price: $95.99→ Bundle Price: $60.99
+Additional Discount: $47.99

The Prince in His Dark Days Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-4
Regular Price: $51.99→ Bundle Price: $36.99
+Additional Discount: $25.99

Say I Love You. Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-18
Regular Price: $197.99→ Bundle Price: $136.99
+Additional Discount: $99.99

A Silent Voice Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-7
Regular Price: $76.99→ Bundle Price: $53.99
+Additional Discount: $37.99

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-9
Regular Price: $98.99→ Bundle Price: $69.99
+Additional Discount: $49.99

That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! Complete Bundle
Volumes 1-4
Regular Price: $43.99→ Bundle Price: $29.99
+Additional Discount: $21.99

Kodansha Comics at Anime NYC: license announcements updated 11/19

Going to Anime NYC? Kodansha Comics is exclited to join this new anime convention in our hometown!

Kodansha Comics Booth #416 
Come and check out pre-streets and new release books and exclusive products at the Kodansha Comics booth (#416)! 

Kodansha Comics Manga Announcement Panel
We've got a slew of reveals for new manga coming in 2018! Plus, a chance to ask your questions to our editorial and publishing team and free books, art cards, and other goodies straight from Japan!

Date Saturday, November 18
Time 11:00-11:45 a.m.
Location Panel Room 1

Vertical Comics Industry Panel
The publisher that brings you the Monogatari series, Chi’s Sweet Home, and nichijou will be making special announcements and reveal brand-new titles for 2018! Plus Q&A andsome special giveaways!

Date Sunday, November 19
Time Noon- 12:45 p.m.
Location Panel Room 3

Can't make it to the show? 
Don't worry! Check back on this page for the updates on our panel announcements! 

See you there!


Update 11/18: Kodansha Comics made new announcements at Anime NYC today!

Attack on Titan Season 1: Part 1 and Part 2 manga box sets
coming April 2018
four volumes each
includes exclusive bonus items

Golosseum by Yasushi Baba
Coming Spring 2018
Scientists discover a new material that renders people immune to all existing weapons. But these “peacemakers” instead transform world war into a martial-arts free-for-all! Rasputin plots with Russian President Putinov to control the global supply. Opposing them are the unstoppable Axe Bogan under American President Billary Quintone and a slew of other muscular heroes!

Two shojo digital-firsts debuting November 28!

Lovesick Ellie by Fujimomo
Eriko Ichimura spends her high school days in complete obscurity. Her sole hobby is staring at handsome, smooth-spoken Akira "Omi-kun" Ohmi, and tweeting her daily fantasies under the screen-name "Lovesick Ellie." One fateful day, she accidentally bears witness to Omi-kun's true self—and if that weren't enough, he sees her mortifying Twitter, too! Follow along with a plain, perverted girl, a two-faced boy, and their curious romance!

My Brother the Shut-In by Kinoko Higure
Every family has its share of problems, be they big or small. Shino Tadokoro has the perfect high school life, full of romance and friendship. Her biggest problem is her shut-in brother Tamotsu. She stubbornly keeps his existence a secret, telling even her closest friends that she is an only child. Completely oblivious to Shino's concerns, Tamotsu suddenly declares that he is giving up the shut-in lifestyle. Is there still time? The curtain rises on a tale of family reconstruction!


Update 11/19: Vertical Comics made new announcements at Anime NYC today!

APOSIMZ by Tsutomu Nihei
From acclaimed master mangaka Tsutomu Nihei, the creator behind BLAME! and Knights of Sidonia, comes his newest science-fiiction epic, APOSIMZ. The 200,000 KM diameter artificial celestial body of APOSIMZ: most of its volume is its core space, which is covered by a superstructural shell. Fifty centuries ago, the people who lost a war against the core lost their right to reside legitimately in APOSIMZ and were left behind on the extremely cold surface. They face the spreading Frame disease and aggressive automatons which appear frequently on the ruins level. Even so, somehow people survive.

Print edition releasing Fall 2018!
Ongoing series now available as simulpub on comiXology and Kindle!


Updates 11/20: Here's the recap of Kodansha Comics Spring-Summer 2018 new licensing announcements from NYCC 2017: 

Again!! by Mitsurou Kubo 
Coming February 2018 
Kinichiro Imamura isn’t a bad guy, really, but on the first day of high school his narrow eyes and bleached blonde hair made him look so shifty that his classmates assumed the worst.  Three years later, without any friends or fond memories, he isn’t exactly feeling bittersweet about graduation. But after an accidental fall down a flight of stairs, Kinichiro wakes up three years in the past… on the first day of high school! Has he really gone back in time, or is this just a crazy dream? An encounter with an awkwardly eccentric fellow student might give Kinichiro the chance to live a different version of his dull high school life – if he can just bring himself to seize the chance…
From the co-creator of Yuri!!! on Ice!

Tokyo Tarareba Girls by Akiko Higashimura
Available now digital-first & Coming in print June 2018
Rinko has done everything right. She’s hustled her whole life, got a job right out of college, and is doing everything she can to make it as a screenwriter. Everything should all have gone according to plan… So at 33, she can’t help but lament over the fact that her career’s plateaued, she’s still painfully single, and spends most of her nights drinking with her two best friends in their favorite pub. One night, in a booze-fueled delusion, Rinko swears to get married by the time the Tokyo Olympics roll around in 2020. But finding a man – or love – may be a cutthroat, dirty job for a romantic at heart!
A sharp new comedy about female friendship from the creator of Princess Jellyfish!

Grand Blue Dreaming by Kenji Inoue & Kimitake Yoshioka
Available now digital-first & coming July 2018
After moving out on his own to a seaside town, Iori Kitahara makes a college debut he never anticipated. A new chapter of his life unfolds, full of diving with beautiful girls and shenanigans with a gaggle of lovable bastards! Idiot-expert Kenji Inoue and au naturel authority Kimitake Yoshioka bring you a glorious college tale filled with booze-fueled antics!



Creator Spotlight Sale: Akiko Higashimura thru 6/12

To celebrate the nomination of Princess Jellyfish for the prestigious Eisner Award we're holding a sale on all digital editions by Princess Jellyfish's brilliant creator, Akiko Higashimura

Starting today all volumes of Princess Jellyfish and her hilarious followup Tokyo Tarareba Girls are on sale up to 50% off at all our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Crunchyroll, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale runs through June 12. 

That's not all! Voracious readers of Higashimura-sensei's rollicking tale of fangirls taking on Tokyo can now get synchronized with her readers in Japan—at a nice price. Starting today we're also releasing and discounting 50% off every chapter of Princess Jellyfish published so far in preparation for the simulpub publication of Chapter 81 going on sale June 24—the same day the chapter appears in Japan. New simulpub chapters will appear monthly thereafter—find 'em on comiXology and Kindle. 

Click on the covers for free Chapter 1 previews and purchase info:

Hey, are you a comics industry pro? Please go vote for Princess Jellyfish on the Eisner Award voting siteIt's been nominated for Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia. The voting deadline is June 16. We and Higashimura-sensei thank you!

Photo credit: © Weekly Bunshun

Read our exclusive interview with Akiko Higashimura, which ran on this site last year.

About Akiko Higashimura
Born in Kushima, Miyagi Prefecture, she made her debut as a mangaka with Fruits Koumori from Shueisha. In 2001, she started her first series,Kisekai Yuka-chan in Cookie (shojo manga anthology magazine published from Shueisha.) Her most famous work includes Mama wa Temparist,Himawari: Kenichi Legend, and Kakukaku Shikajika. In 2015, Kakukaku Shikajika won the 8th Annual Manga Award and also 19th Annual Japan Cultural Affair Media Art Festival Manga Award. Higashimura is known for working simultaneously on multiple manga series including Yukibana no Tora (published from Shogakukan), Princess Jellyfish, and Tokyo Tarareba-Musume (both published from Kodansha.)


Also, Creator Spotlight Sale for Tsutomu Nihei is happening this week (6/6-6/12)!

For more deals, stay tuned on!