1122: For a Happy Marriage, Volume 3

Ichiko and Otoya are a married couple in their 30s who, despite getting along just fine, are completely sexless. Their solution: the authorized, extra-marital romance system (in other words, authorized cheating.) Unable to bear the sight of her husband lost in the giddy throes of romance, Ichiko—whether out of jealousy or sexual frustration—books her first appointment with a male prostitute. Meanwhile, Otoya's girlfriend Mitsuki is finally brought down under the weight of her taboo affair in this thought-provoking work which asks the question, "What should marriage truly be like?"

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The system that once did wonders for their married life has started sending shockwaves through it, instead. While Otoya sees signs that his relationship with girlfriend Mitsuki may be doomed,...

Cover for 1122: For a Happy Marriage, Volume 7

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Mitsuki meets with Otoya one last time to apologize before she leaves Japan for good... A dead bedroom. An open marriage. One wife's fling with a male escort, and her...