1122: For a Happy Marriage, Volume 6

Faced with a dead bedroom in their 30s, married couple Ichiko and Otoya make the decision to open their marriage to other partners using an authorized cheating system. When Otoya’s girlfriend Mitsuki stabs him in retaliation for breaking off their relationship, Otoya is forced to come clean to Ichiko about everything, and they find themselves in a renewed honeymoon period. Yet Otoya is still plagued by Mitsuki’s parting words, manifesting itself in erectile dysfunction. While dealing with this issue, Otoya discovers Ichiko’s relationship with a male escort, and he retreats from their war of wars with a wounded heart, eventually ending up in a brothel that specializes in infant roleplay. There, he discusses his fears and insecurities due to his performance issues with a female escort. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Shiro are plagued by their own insecurities as they prepare to welcome a new addition to their family. In the end, what did this authorized cheating system bring to everyone involved? And can these two married couples overcome the challenges ahead? Find out in the provocative series that’s taking the media world by storm!