A Condition Called Love, Volume 3

Hotaru finally realizes she loves Hananoi-kun. Now she's got to find a way to tell him how she feels! There's just one problem: she's got a new coworker…Yao-kun, her old friend from elementary school! Memories of childhood trauma come rushing back…and Hotaru knows that she's going to have to face them if she ever wants to know what it's like to be in love.

Next Volume: A Condition Called Love, Volume 4

Hananoi-kun and Hotaru's trial run is over. They're officially boyfriend and girlfriend now! Their first official date leaves Hananoi-kun determined to tell Hotaru how he really feels…but before he can,...

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Most Recent Volume: A Condition Called Love, Volume 9

Hotaru and Hananoi-kun have weathered a major trial in their relationship—their first extended break apart! But now that summer break is over, it's time for the annual school festival… and...

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