A Condition Called Love, Volume 5

Hotaru Hinase and her boyfriend, Hananoi-kun, prepare for the beginning of their second year of high school…and their feelings for each other grow stronger by the day. Just as Hananoi-kun begins to show signs that he's ready to come out of his shell, Yao-kun, his rival in love, discovers his secret…and he's determined to make him come clean to Hotaru.

Next Volume: A Condition Called Love, Volume 6

Hananoi and Hotaru have finally enjoyed their first kiss. While Hananoi waxes nostalgic about a "friend" from grade school, the floored Hotaru resolves to make him happier than ever. They...

Most Recent Volume: A Condition Called Love, Volume 10

It's been six months since Hotaru and Hananoi-kun became official, but lately, Hananoi-kun has been acting strangely. Finally, on their first date in a long time, he spills: "We met...

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