A Condition Called Love, Volume 6

Hananoi and Hotaru have finally enjoyed their first kiss. While Hananoi waxes nostalgic about a "friend" from grade school, the floored Hotaru resolves to make him happier than ever. They both promise to become an even better couple, and more and more people are starting to gather around them...?!

It's volume 6 in the tale of a girl who doesn't understand love and a guy who loves laying it on thick!

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Hotaru and Hananoi-kun have been together for half a year now. With every passing day, they grow that much closer...and the first summer break of their relationship is right around...

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It's been six months since Hotaru and Hananoi-kun became official, but lately, Hananoi-kun has been acting strangely. Finally, on their first date in a long time, he spills: "We met...

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