A Girl and Her Guard Dog 2

The princess in a family of gangsters... Deadbeats mustn't come near Isaku... and first lieutenant Keiya (26) fabricates his age to enroll in high school right along with her?!?!

Telling her she's "too young for relationships," Isaku's guard dog accompanies her to school every day!! Keiya is bound and determined to keep all men from getting too close to her. But, little does Keiya know he is the one she wants...

Keiya has always treated Isaku like a child. Yet, he asks for permission to kiss her as a "treat" if he can pass a supplemental test??!

"Don't make it sound like there's hope."
(Stupid moron.)

Sweet with a twinge... Volume 2 of a romantic comedy where age and personal differences collide has arrived!

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Isaku, a yakuza family princess, just wants to have a normal life, but her overprotective guardian, Keiya Uto, poses as a teenager to enroll at her high school and protect...

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Isaku Senagaki is the beloved granddaughter of a family of gangsters---and always close by is Keiya Uto, the overprotective first lieutenant that went so far as to fabricate his age...