A Girl and Her Guard Dog 3

Isaku, a yakuza family princess, just wants to have a normal life, but her overprotective guardian, Keiya Uto, poses as a teenager to enroll at her high school and protect her from vile insects (men).

However, he is the only Isaku has eyes for...!

First, a school trip, and then summer vacation! ☆ With the two spending more time together than ever before, Isaku only wants to know what Keiya is really thinking!!

Sweet and a sprinkling of sour... Volume 3 of a romantic comedy where age and personal differences clash has arrived!!

cover for A Girl and Her Guard Dog, 4

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The princess in a family of gangsters, Isaku Senagaki... And the overprotective first lieutenant who fabricates his age to enroll in high school along with her to protect Isaku from...

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Isaku Senagaki is the beloved granddaughter of a family of gangsters---and always close by is Keiya Uto, the overprotective first lieutenant that went so far as to fabricate his age...