A Kiss, For Real, Volume 2

Chitose lives her life wearing a “mask” in order to be liked by others. She meets a boy named Itsuki who goes to an art prep school and sees through her façade, so she decides to go on as her true self. Chitose starts to attend the art prep school, too. She goes to classes and makes friends. Though harsh, Itsuki sometimes shows a softer side to her, and she gradually becomes attracted to him, but … ?! What should she do to get closer to the real Itsuki … ? This is Volume 2 of the young, art-prep-school love between a mask-wearing girl and a free-spirited boy!

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Since starting prep school, Chitose has been able to show her true self more bit by bit. Caught in a difficult situation between regular school and prep school, Chitose somehow...

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