A Kiss, For Real, Volume 5

Though Itsuki openly reciprocated Chitose’s feelings, they still have a disagreement as she accepts Itsuki’s older brother, Yuinosuke’s, request to be his model. In the midst of this, she accidentally hears Itsuki saying, “We aren’t dating” and is shocked … Itsuki takes up a blunt attitude towards the uneasy Chitose, but he comes to pick her up when it rains and they finally start dating … ?!! His worried appearance shines, too!! This is Volume 5 of this youthful, art-prep-school love story!

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Chitose, who is successfully dating Itsuki, has made up her mind to stop being Yuinosuke’s model. Meanwhile, Chitose and Itsuki have not decided their future paths and are invited by...

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