A Sign of Affection, Volume 2

Why must the time we spend together always be so short? Yuki’s a hearing-impaired college student whose path crosses with Itsuomi, an upperclassman from her school. Against all expectations, Itsuomi doesn’t bat an eye at her condition, treating her more normally than she’s ever felt in her life, and she begins to fall in love with him. Resolving to be strong and face that love head-on, Yuki hopes to get to know him better…but that’s easier said than done! Check out volume 2 of “A Sign of Affection,” the manga that's taken the online and TV world by storm!

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Does he really see me as a girl? Yuki’s a Deaf college student who is at first enchanted by and soon falls in love with an upperclassman in her school...

cover for A Sign of Affection, 5

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I wonder, will these extraordinary things, bit by bit, become… ordinary? Yuki’s life revolved around friends, fashion, her classes, and social media, until something interrupted her routine: a chance meeting...