Ace of the Diamond, Volume 25

One more time, I'd like to pitch into that mitt … Eijun Sawamura's life changed in an instant when he first met catcher Kazuya Miyuki. At fifteen years old, he says his farewells to his friends and goes to the famous baseball high school Seido High. There, he will find prideful players who have put it all on the line for baseball! The newly-reborn Seido team is put to the test against the National-caliber Yakushi team. Starting pitcher Furuya throws one powerful pitch after another, with his eyes fixed on the Ace number. The quiet monster's overwhelming tenacity brings him to a new level! Could a new rival's appearance finally spur Sawamura on to become the Ace of Seido?! With the pressure mounting, Sawamura turns to the mound…!