All Out!! 11

The Hanazono rugby stadium is holy to all rugby players in Japan ... and any player who wants to stand on its hallowed ground must first fight their way through the prefectural preliminaries. The Kanagawa prefectural brackets have been drawn up now, and if the Jinko boys want to beat their rival schools, like Keijo, they've got a lot of training to do. But trouble's brewing between Sekizan and Matsuo ... ! Through all their trials and tribulations, the Jinko boys gear up for their run through prelims!

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Game one of the Kanagawa Prefecturals is almost over. It's Jinko vs. Nozomigaoka … and neither team's giving an inch! One thing's for sure … emotions will be riding high...

Most Recent Volume: All-Out!!, Volume 17

The Jinko boys square off against Kamakura Gakuin at the Kanagawa prefectural quarterfinals! With tensions flaring high and neither side giving an inch, Jinko takes the lead...but just then, an...

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