All-Out!!, Volume 13

The team that wins the Kanagawa Prefectural Preliminaries earns the right to compete in the Hanazono, the national rugby tournament...and Jinko's advanced to the second round. But their next opponents, the all-pretty-boy team from Hiratsuka Gakuin, aren't afraid to play cheap. Not ten minutes into the game, they've tricked Jinko into committing three penalties...and giving up two tries. How will Jinko strike back?!

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Jinko square off against Hiratsuka Gakuin in the second round of the Kanagawa prefectural tournament. Hiratsuka may look like a bunch of pretty boys...but they've got an uncanny ability to...

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The Jinko boys square off against Kamakura Gakuin at the Kanagawa prefectural quarterfinals! With tensions flaring high and neither side giving an inch, Jinko takes the lead...but just then, an...

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