All-Out!!, Volume 15

Jinko fight their way out of the third round of the Kanagawa Prefectural tournament and find themselves one step closer to the Hanazono! But their next opponent is Keijo...or so they think, until they learn Kamakura Gakuin has pulled off a surprise upset, eliminating Keijo before Jinko can square off against them! Kamakura's a dark horse team with a powerful, aggressive on their side—Yuri Oku, Miyuki and Iwashimizu's old classmate from middle school. He's got a grudge against them…and a bad attitude, too.

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Jinko advance to the semifinals of the Kanagawa prefecturals where they'll be facing Kamakura, a dark horse team led by Saigoku, a surly stand-off and a shrewd playmaker. Kamakura takes...

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The Jinko boys square off against Kamakura Gakuin at the Kanagawa prefectural quarterfinals! With tensions flaring high and neither side giving an inch, Jinko takes the lead...but just then, an...

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