All-Rounder Meguru, Volume 14

The All-Japan Amateur Shooto Championship, the pinnacle of budding MMA talent from around the nation. As Meguru, Takashi, and gobs of other gifted fighters gun for the top, one man, the self-proclaimed Masuoka the Mediocre, stands tall as a dwarf among giants. Sporting a second-rate style and only so-so skill, behold as the leglock lunatic puts his heart, soul, and entire fight ideology on the line to take Meguru down!

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The All-Japan Amateur Shooto Champtionship, where the best budding fighters in the nation will be crowned king. Yet out of the near 100 participants in attendance, only four fierce ladies...

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It's the All-Japan Amateur Shooto lightweight final. Meguru and Takashi are both battered, yet neither refuses to give an inch. With their friends, mentors, and rivals watching from the sidelines,...

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