Altair: A Record of Battles, Volume 16

As Mahmut hears word of suspicious Balt-Rhein activity, the Empire's southern forces begin their march back home. Their mission: To intercept Zaganos' army (busy freeing the tiny kingdoms that existed before the Empire's advance) in the city of Religione! To protect Zaganos from this sneak attack, Mahmut leads his own forces -- an army of cavalrymen, ready to show the Empire what it means to rile a people who live and die on the saddle!

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Thanks to Mahmut, Torqye's main force has avoided a confrontation with the southern Imperial army. The Rhein region is in the hands of Zaganos, and as Torqye gains the advantage,...

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The imperial capital of St. Michael has fallen, and the Great Rumeriana War ends with Torqye victorious. Now, a new era begins under the watchful eye of Zaganos, who isn't...

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