Altair: A Record of Battles, Volume 21

With a force of 44,000, Lady Lelederik attempts to break through the town of Cheshme on her way to the Torqyeli capital of Altun. Fighting her: A team of four sultans, using their "warning bell" cannon to wage a life-or-death defense. Despite being outnumbered, they hold their own—but a tiny opening sets everything off-balance! As both Torqye and the Balt-Rhein Empire fight for their respective destinies, what fateful decision will Sultan Beyazit have to make?!

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With the four sultanate forces defeated, Lelederik continues her advance toward Altun, capital of Torqye. The city's walls are far from robust enough to withstand siege for long; at their...

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The imperial capital of St. Michael has fallen, and the Great Rumeriana War ends with Torqye victorious. Now, a new era begins under the watchful eye of Zaganos, who isn't...

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