Altair: A Record of Battles, Volume 3

Everything is for the sake of becoming a great pasha! Mahmut pays a visit to Phoinike, a crucial port town situated in the Centro ocean. However, what awaits him there is war with the Empire! If Phoinike falls, then Torqye will be in grave danger! And so, Mahmut endeavors to lead Phoinike to victory, however... The nerve-racking First Phoinike War is recorded in full here!

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Mahmut disembarks at the commercial city-state of Venedik! However, waiting for him in the opulent town of intermingling peoples are nothing but devious tricksters, his clash with whom puts Mahmut's...

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The imperial capital of St. Michael has fallen, and the Great Rumeriana War ends with Torqye victorious. Now, a new era begins under the watchful eye of Zaganos, who isn't...

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