Ao-chan Can't Study! 4

After months of twists and turns, Ao-chan finally tells Kijima how she feels. It's officially mutual! But now he says he doesn't want to go out until college?! She's sure all it'll take for him to get in the mood is some quality time with the girl he likes ... but things are going nowhere fast. He's too pure ... and Ao-chan's impatient little heart is about to burst!

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Next Volume: Ao-chan Can't Study! 5

It felt so good to kiss Kijima ... and now Ao-chan's head is full of impure thoughts. But, if anything, he's too good at kissing ... and Ao-chan's getting suspicious....

Most Recent Volume: Ao-Chan Can't Study! 8

Last volume! Ao-chan has returned to Japan ... and is up for some heavy trials of love with Kijima before they head off to college! What does the future hold...