Arakawa Under the Bridge, Volume 3

This volume contains volumes 5 and 6 of the Japanese edition.

“Nino, I promise that I can accept everything about you!”

Rec calls out when he discovers Nino’s secret trove of cassette tapes. Rec and Nino are both clumsy when it comes to communication, which leads to situations both humorous and heartbreaking. Once in a while a sombre mood falls upon the river bank under the bridge... until the next absurd turn of events comes around.

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This volume contains volumes 7 and 8 of the Japanese edition. “Let’s go to Venus!” And so the river bank denizens begin training that will let them go to Nino’s...

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The heartwarming romantic antics of the river bank denizens–both human and alien–draw to a close in this final volume. Shadowy incidents in the past are brought to light, and each...