Are You Lost?, Volume 5

A typhoon assails the desert island the girls live on, forcing them to take refuge inside an old well and wait out nature’s fury. But when a falling tree nearly crushes Homare, she gets trapped inside the well, leaving the remaining girls to mount a rescue operation without their resident survival expert! Can Mutsu’s knowledge and Asuka and Shion’s courage save Homare?!

Next Volume: Are You Lost?, Volume 6

Catching eels, moving, Shion’s birthday… While the girls improve their lives on the island, they are threatened by the approaching end of summer. Homare has decided to leave the island...

cover for Are You Lost?, 9

Most Recent Volume: Are You Lost?, Volume 9

Mutsu, Asuka, and Shion face the morning having been unable to find Homare after she was tossed from their boat in a storm. But even in the depths of despair,...

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