Arisa, Volume 5

Twin sisters, Arisa and Tsubasa, are separated by their parents' divorce. But after her sister's suicide attempt, Tsubasa is determined to go undercover and unravel the conspiracy behind the elusive King. But right now, the King's wish-granting abilities may have fallen into the wrong hands ... and the results may prove to be deadly to Tsubasa and Class 2B!

Next Volume: Arisa, Volume 6

Shizuka, confined to a wheelchair, blames her misfortune on Arisa. Will she seek revenge using the King's cell phone? Can Tsubasa defend Arisa against Shizuka and get the information about...

Most Recent Volume: Arisa, Volume 12

The global elite has gathered for a Christmas summit, and the King's final revenge on the world that rejected him is almost at hand! All Tsubasa can do is grab...

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