Atsumori-kun's Bride-to-Be, Volume 3

Nishiki is starting to adjust to her new life in Tokyo after she came to school to chase after Atsumori, who had visited her hometown. Atsumori continues to help her out, until one day he invites her to dinner with his family and she becomes his temporary girlfriend! But, during the dinner Nishiki understands Atsumori's loneliness for the first time, and she resolves to always be by his side. And just as she's accepted the end of their temporary relationship, Atsumori kisses her and makes it official. However, Takara-kun, her fiance from back home, is still waiting on her?! Thus begins a heated love triangle!! Don't miss Volume 3 of this awkward romance between a pure country girl and a spoiled Tokyo heir!

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“I’ll try harder next time…” After a brief stint as Atsumori’s temporary girlfriend, Nishiki is finally Atsumori’s actual girlfriend. Around that time, Nishiki’s fiance, Takara-kun, comes to Tokyo and tells...

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"Let's get married, Nishiki." On their first heart-pounding overnight trip together, Nishiki and Atsumori's feelings will grow even stronger... When Nishiki returns to her hometown over summer break, she shares...