Atsumori-kun's Bride-to-Be, Volume 5

"Let's get married, Nishiki." On their first heart-pounding overnight trip together, Nishiki and Atsumori's feelings will grow even stronger... When Nishiki returns to her hometown over summer break, she shares her new dream of becoming a doctor with her parents. Her father quickly rejects the idea, though, and to make matters worse, things are awkward with Takara and Kano. In the midst of all this, Atsumori, who was supposed to be studying for his college exams in Tokyo, shows up at Nishiki's house! He introduces himself to her parents, and his sincerity makes an impression on Nishiki's skeptical father. Inspired by the meeting, Atsumori invites Nishiki to meet his father, but the night of their appointment, the unthinkable happens...

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