BAKEMONOGATARI (manga), Volume 4

"“I love you.” “I smelt for you, Senjogahara.”

Koyomi accepts Hitagi’s feelings and solves Mayoi Hachikuji’s dilemma.
Everything starts to look up…until a mysterious raincoat busts him up out of nowhere…!"

Next Volume: BAKEMONOGATARI (manga), Volume 5

Suruga Kanbaru, the biggest celebrity in school, lives in a completely different world from Koyomi Araragi, but their worlds collide when Koyomi finds that this campus star has been stalking...

cover for BAKEMONOGATARI (manga), 11

Most Recent Volume: BAKEMONOGATARI (manga), volume 11

Having defeated Dramaturgy, Koyomi must now face the half-vampire vampire-hunter, Episode. This newest opponent is no match for Koyomi's full vampiric abilities, but what Episode lacks in power he makes...

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