Beast #6 2

Unraveled is a human being who turns into a beast because their negative emotions surpass their reason. Nika Ago, who belongs to the organization "TR1M (Trim)" that hunts those monsters, meets a mysterious student at a high school where she has been appointed for her mission. Totono Amatsuga is a boy who lives a lonely life. Contrary to his appearance, he has a kind heart and a terrifying secret in his right arm. Hunting darkness with darkness, a new dark hero tale starts!! The latest work of Kohei Nagashii who is known for "Hoshino, Close Your Eyes." "TR1M" is an organization that hunts ghosts born from negative human emotions. Totono Amatsuga, a boy with an unraveled arm, wants to be normal. TR1M's second-class raveler, Nika Ago, wants to become stronger. In order to make up for each other's shortcomings, the two exchange secret deals, and new monsters appear one after another, as well as peculiar ravelers. War begets war, darkness begets darkness. Conspiracy swirling, war raging, the story accelerates further!!