Beast #6 3

Unraveled is a human being who turns into a beast because their negative emotions surpass their reason. Nika Ago, who belongs to the organization "TR1M (Trim)" that hunts those monsters, meets a mysterious student at a high school where she has been appointed for her mission. Totono Amatsuga is a boy who lives a lonely life. Contrary to his appearance, he has a kind heart and a terrifying secret in his right arm. Hunting darkness with darkness, a new dark hero tale starts!! The latest work of Kohei Nagashii who is known for "Hoshino, Close Your Eyes."

Decisive Battle. The anti-unraveled organization TR1M's special class meets their enemy, the unraveled organization. A boy with an unraveled arm, Totono Amatsuga, gains some friends in the midst of battle, and gets a momentary rest. On the other hand, Nika Ago, who wishes for Totono's happiness, hide some hesitation and conflicts in her heart. The all-out war between the unraveled organization and TR1M begins, and the terrifying secret of Totono is revealed The door to "Beast No. 6" opens!!