Beware the Kamiki Brothers!, Volume 3

Iroha is nominated as class leader for an upcoming sleepaway class field trip. She finds herself paired with the class leader from Souichirou’s class, Kido. The problem is ... he’s hot too! Souichirou is watching them and starts to feel things for Iroha that hadn’t been there before. And between all three of them, sparks fly on the field trip. But who will come out on top in their quests for Iroha’s heart? Souichirou or Kido?

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It's surprising, but Iroha and Souichirou just can't seem to see eye-to-eye. Meanwhile, the battle for Iroha's heart rages on between Souichirou and the silver-tongued prince, Kido! On the final...

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At the headband exchange event, Souichirou calls Iroha to the stage. What in the world could he be planning to tell her in front of everyone?! And just what sort...