Boarding School Juliet, Volume 9

Inuzuka’s back home in the Nation of Touwa for winter break--and Persia’s come with him! She’s even staying over at his house, disguised as middle school boy Julio. But the Inuzukas’ “guard dog” Shuna soon suspects Julio of being a member of the fairer sex, and there’s only one way to put her off the scent. That’s right--for our Romio and Juliet to bathe together! When in Touwa, Julio will have to do as the Touwanese do!

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It’s a new school year at Dahlia Academy, and prefect selection season is now in full swing. Inuzuka and Persia are more determined than ever to become prefects and change...

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When Persia’s father unexpectedly arrives at the second-years’ class trip hotel to forcefully withdraw his daughter from Dahlia Academy, the Black Doggies and White Cats rally behind Inuzuka to rescue...

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