Can You Just Die, My Darling?, Volume 10

Last volume! In this twisted and suspenseful love story, affection transforms into murderous rage in a controversial combination of shock, violence, beauty and horror … When Taku Kamishiro saw his crush, Mika Hanazono, he saw himself stabbing her with his umbrella in a fleeting but vivid vision of extreme brutality. Lost in this newly cruel, savage, and grotesque world, the teenager must seek a new path … but will it be one leading towards hope or despair?! Now, the Eguma Group has launched the last phase of their Christmas Eve massacre. The finale involves their ""Liberation Statement,"" in place since the founding of their order … but to what end? Meanwhile, in the chaotic arena, Kamishiro reunites with both the mysterious man who orchestrated the school festival incident and the object of his affections …

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