Cells at Work and Friends!, Volume 2

Can even cells go swimming in the ocean?! Attend a summer festival?! Take part in workplace recreational volleyball?!! Squad Leader wants to make friends, but just can’t admit it to anyone. The head honcho of the body’s professional hitmen, the Killer T Cells, takes the leading role as this hilarious spin-off of Cells at Work! enters its 2nd volume! Silver fox Memory Cell and party dude B Cell… Squad Leader gains more acquaintances, but the door to his heart remains firmly shut! You’ll laugh, your heart will flutter, and you’ll learn to love your body as you read this spin-off full of happiness and smiles?

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Don’t grab hold, Squad Leader! Having arrived at the Peyer’s patch, his trusted compatriots… turn on him in seconds!? The unlucky M Cell, Naive T Cell brimming with a sense...

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"Even though he wants to make friends, Killer T Cell is as fantastic a killer as ever. Nevertheless, at some point he’s sure to eventually live a life with someone...